Yoshiteru Zaimokuza is a student from class 2-C who suffers from "8th grader syndrome", also known as Chuunibyou.


Yoshiteru in Season 1 OT Yukitoki

Yoshiteru in OT of season 1

Zaimokuza has an unusual appearance. He has grey/white hair that he keeps in a short ponytail, brown or black eyes and glasses.

In the anime he is shown to be one of the tallest characters and slightly overweight. He wears a trench-coat over his school uniform, he also wears black finger-less gloves even in the summer months. Together they cause him to be almost always sweaty, even during the winter.


EP5 Yoshiteru

Zaimokuza's delusional view of himself

Zaimokuza is considered to be weird, gross, and creepy by most students of Sobu High.

He is a very eccentric character, getting incredibly excited over things he enjoys, particularly anything related to his 8th grader syndrome. He displays a high interest in historical shoguns, magic, and writing (despite the fact he is a terrible writer), and video game creation. He often talks like a movie narrator or with grandiose overtones. He sometimes refers to himself and those around him in the 3rd person and involves them in his fantasy/roleplays. His dream is to become a famous Light Novel author or movie writer and marry a seiyu/voice actress.[1]

His devotion to writing a novel is often mentioned in the Light novels. He also behaves like a professional and famous novel writer, despite the fact he has no accomplishments. During the Cultural Festival his script was used for his class play. He briefly considered being a creative game writer, until he found out the company would own all the rights to his work.[2]

He is quite easy going, being able to bounce back from being criticized by Yukino and Hachiman, and still display his enthusiasm for writing, which Hachiman refers to as a "writer's syndrome".

He is quiet, sensitive, and jealous, especially whenever Hayato or other popular people are around. He also struggles talking to girls.

He, like Hachiman, is a loner and feels most at home around other loners. He is known to have many acquaintances around the arcades in Chiba, but has few friends.


Zaimokuza has a very active imagination, even if it isn't very original (pointed out by Hachiman). During the Athletic Festival he is brought in with Ebina to brainstorm ideas for a fun and unique final contest.

His written script was accepted by his class (2-C) for their class play during the Cultural Festival.

He is seen as a bit wimpy, but shows he is actually quite strong during the Athletic Festival. He pushes Yamato, Ooka, and Tobe away easily with a move he called "Zaimokuza Crusher", and then knocks down the red team's bo-taoshi pole.[3] He demonstrates his strength and size in the Judo competition by teaming up with Hayama and Hachiman and making it to the finals.[4] He and Hayama consistently won 2-0, without Hachiman having to fight.

Addressed / Nicknames

  • Blademaster General by Himself
  • Chuuni-Chan by Yui Yuigahama and Komachi Hikigaya
  • Za Za Mushi (虫 "Mushi", Bug or Insect) by Hina Ebina (Basically its ZaZaBuggy)


  • "CHANCE!"
  • "Zaimokuza Crusher!!!!"
  • “Goramu goramu. Nano, nano, Nanjiro!"


  • He has the same Japanese voice actor as Kohta Hirano from Highschool of the Dead and Itazu Yutaka from Eden of the East.


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