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Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 7 is the seventh official volume of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru light novel series.

Volume 7 marks the beginning of Season 2.

Episode 1 covers from chapters 1-6.

Episode 2 covers chapters 7-10.

Summary Edit


The chapter guide is meant as a light timeline (under 4000 words) of events for reference and/or comparison to the anime. If you are looking for any extreme detail, please use the ISBN #'s to purchase the full volumes.

Prologue Edit

Its a middle school report Hachiman wrote 3 years earlier. Its about the Yasaka Shrine and the Religion of Goryou Shinkou.

In Japan people pray to ward off evil spirits and shield themselves from calamity. These spirits sometimes ascend to become gods. Hachiman considers himself kin to these shunned spirits and says he is basically a god.[1]

Chapter 1 - "Even so, Hachiman Hikigaya will spend his school life in peace."Edit

After the Culture and Sports Festivals Hachiman's class is looking forward to the second year trip to Kyoto. Everyone is either talking about the trip or whispering about his lousy actions during the festivals. The only people being nice to him are Yui and Saika. Saika appears and asks Hachiman to be in his group for the Kyoto trip, he agrees, but they still need two more people.

Hachiman sees Hayato and Hina return to the class together and wonders what they went to talk about. Hayato tells Tobe to stop making fun of Hachiman. Hachiman notes that when Hayato and the popular clique stop doing things (like making fun of him) the rest of the class will copy them.

Chapter 2 - "No one knows why they came to the service club."Edit

In the clubroom Yukino prepares tea for everyone while they discuss the Kyoto trip. Yui just wants to go to Okinawa and hang out on beaches. She doesn't care about shrines and temples. Hachiman is excited about the trip because of "The Tatami Galaxy", and because he really likes Japanese history and language. Yukino is so excited she can barely contain all her plans when asked. Yui and Hachiman find her innocent excitement very amusing. They decide to hang out together on the "free day" of the trip.

A knock at the door interrupts them. Its Tobe, Hayato, Ooka, and Yamato. Tobe has a request but wont say it in front of Hachiman. Yukino tells them to either leave or give Tobe's request to the whole Service Club. Tobe wants to ask Hina out, but he doesn't want to get rejected. After some prodding by Yui, the Service Club accepts the request. Hachiman then explains all the bad stuff that can happen if he is rejected. Tobe insists he wants to move forward with the request. Hayato, Ooka, and Yamato leave so Tobe can form a plan with the Service Club.

Chapter 3 - "Tobe Kakeru is completely shallow in every way possible."Edit

The Service Club is trying to figure out how to market Tobe as "attractive" to Hina. Hachiman considers him so bland, if he weren't occasionally loud, he would be a background character. In other words, he's a typical loudmouth boy that likes to be in the spotlight. The Service Club don't think Tobe has a chance with Hina and want him to give up. They decide to use the upcoming Kyoto trip to force Tobe and Hina to hang out together, and maybe Hina will become attracted to Tobe.

A few days later the groups for the trip are successfully formed in homeroom. Yui, Yumiko, Hina, Saki, and Hayato, Tobe, Hachiman, Saika.

Chapter 4 - "With all that's been said, Ebina Hina is still rotten."Edit

The day before the trip Yui and Hachiman are planning to co-ordinate where their groups go in order to get Hina and Tobe together. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. This time Hina enters with a request. She says she is glad that Hachiman and Saika are getting along well with Hayato and Tobe, but frustrated that Yamato and Ooka are excluded from the boys group. She wants a way for everyone to get along better in order to indulge her fujoshi fantasies. She hints that she is happy with her current relationships and doesn't want anything to change (AKA, no dating Tobe). She leaves and says she is counting on Hachiman.

Later Hachiman is at home finishing packing when Komachi appears. She gives him a list of things she wants as souvenirs.[2]

Chapter 5 - "As you can see, Yuigahama Yui is putting in the effort."Edit

Hachiman gets up early and says goodbye to his parents. He boards the local railway line and heads to the Tsudanuma express station. When he boards the express line to Tokyo he is startled to see Saki get on at the same door. They ride the train together in silence for 45 minutes.[1]

They get off in Tokyo and join the rest of the Sobu Students. Saki disappears and Hachiman is blindsided by Zaimokuza. Zaimokuza has a large duffel bag and tells Hachiman he will be training his swordsmanship on Kuramayama (Mount Kurama; suggesting he brought a sword with him). Hachiman tells him he will not go to Kuramayama on their free day.[1]

They join their groups and board the Shinkansen (bullet train). Hachiman watched Hina skillfully avoid Yui's attempts at getting her to sit near Tobe. Hachiman sits with Saika near the front of the train and goes back to sleep.

Hachiman wakes up with a shriek to Yui, now giggling, who was watching him sleep. They talk about the Tobe request. Saika guesses what the request is and offers to help. They observe Mt Fuji out the window, Hachiman gets closer to Saika for a better look and proclaims they are almost there (They are actually about 1/3 of the way to Kyoto from Chiba). Yui crowds in for a look as well.

They arrive in Kyoto and immediately depart for Kiyomizu temple. Yui drags Hachiman with her to a small underground temple (Temple = Buddhist, Shrine = Shinto) off to the side. Hina, Tobe, Hayato, and Yumiko are there waiting. They go through in pairs. Afterwards they catch up to the main Sobu group and reach the main temple. Yui takes a picture of herself and Hachiman with the temple in the background. Yui wants more pictures with Hayato's clique. As Hachiman becomes the designated camera man, Hayato thanks him as everyone hands him their cameras.

The group visits the Jinshu shrine (shrine for love and matchmaking) and the Otowa Waterfall inside Kiyomizu. Yui and Hachiman continue to help Tobe try and get "closer" to Hina. They feel like Tobe is doing a good job at making himself appealing to Hina. Yui and Hachiman line up for the waterfall together. Yui drinks from the waterfall and hands her ladle to Hachiman. They are both embarrassed at the overly romantic gesture and Hachiman considers it an accident due to Yui's "air headed-ness".[3]

Chapter 6 - "Yukinoshita Yukino quietly goes to the evening town."Edit

Hachiman wakes up and realizes he fell asleep after dinner. Saika sees him and tells him he missed the communal bath time, but he can still use the one in their unit/room.[4] After his bath Tobe invites him to play mahjong because Hayato keeps winning their games. Hachiman declines and decides to play UNO with Zaimokuza and Saika instead.

Hachiman loses the game and has to do a "penalty game" (loser has to do something trivial). After seeing Tobe lose at mahjong again and leave to get drinks. They make Hachiman get drinks for their UNO group too. Down in the lobby Tobe thanks Hachiman for helping with his request and leaves for their room.[1]

Hachiman grabs drinks but decides to enjoy his alone in the lobby. He sees Yukino appear looking very casual wearing a light dress and leggings with her hair up, which is unusual. He watches her head to the gift shop. She notices Hachiman and turns around to leave, pretending to not notice him. Hachiman tells her "goodnight" as she passes. When she reaches the stairs, she changes her mind and walks over to Hachiman and greets him. They chat about the trip and then about Tobe's request. Suddenly they both notice Shizuka trying to sneak out of the hotel lobby to get ramen and sake. Shizuka offers to let (forces) them to join her for ramen in exchange for their silence.

They get in a taxi and head out for food.[5] They arrive at Tenkaippin,[6] Hachiman is incredibly excited as there isn't one in Chiba. They enter and order, except for Yukino. She has never seen proper ramen before and is unsure of what to get or how to order. Hachiman and Shizuka help Yukino order and she is shocked at the immediate "violent" taste of the ramen. After finishing they discuss the differences between "not causing trouble", and "cleaning up trouble they caused". Yukino and Hachiman don't understand. Shizuka thinks it's because neither of them have been scolded/told off much. She explains that being scolded isn't necessarily bad, it just means someone is looking out for them. She then advises that she is looking after them and will let them cause all the trouble they want.

Later they arrive near the hotel and Shizuka goes to buy sake and lets Hachiman and Yukino walk back to the hotel. Yukino keeps getting lost so Hachiman decides to lead the way. Yukino follows really close, sometimes almost grabbing his coat to slow him down. But near the hotel she distances herself from Hachiman. She tells him she's embarrassed and doesn't want to be seen sneaking into the hotel with him so late at night. They say their "good-nights" and Hachiman lets her go in first and waits until it wouldn't be weird to be seen walking into the hotel.

Hachiman goes up to his room and sees Saika and Zaimokuza still playing cards. Since he forgot their drinks, they make him go buy more.[1]

Chapter 7 - "Unexpectedly, Miura Yumiko is watching very closely."Edit

On the second day of the trip, the Sobu students go to the Uzumasa Movie Village. Hachiman and Yui's groups decide to try the haunted house. Hayama, Yumiko, Tobe, and Hina go first. Hachiman, Yui, Saika, and Saki go next. Tobe is too scared to impress Hina, he constantly clutches at Hayato to calm himself down. A monster startles Saki and Saika chases after her, leaving Hachiman and Yui alone. They awkwardly and quickly finish the haunted house. Hachiman sees Ebina and Tobe in the gift shop together and wonders if the haunted house brought them closer.

While waiting in line for a bus to go to the next event, Hachiman has the idea to try and get taxi's as he thinks waiting in line too long will hurt Hina and Tobe's chances. During the ride to the next temple Hachiman listens to Saki and Yui talking in the backseat. Saki took a pillow fight too seriously and made Yumiko cry. Saika joins in telling them about UNO and Hachiman losing.[1]

When they reach the next temple Yui and Hachiman walk together and talk about the request. Hachiman thinks their plan might be going better if Hina actually liked Tobe, and if "that one person" (Hayato) would leave Tobe and Hina alone. They reach the Ryoan-ji Temple rock garden and find Yukino there. She is curious about why the rock garden is called "Tora (Tiger)-no-ko Watashi", and what part is the tiger.[7] Yukino, Yui, and Hachiman wander off to discuss their plan for helping Tobe. Tomorrow is their free day and they need to come up with a plan as it's their last chance to help him. They decide to try and visit "date" spots.

That night Hachiman goes to buy a magazine and runs into Yumiko. She is annoyed that the Service Club is meddling with Tobe and Hina, it's messing up her group's chemistry. Yumiko doesn't want them to end up pushing Hina away from her group. She is put at ease when Hachiman tells her Hayato will handle it.

Chapter 8 - "Even so, Hayama Hayato can't choose for himself."Edit

On the third day, Hachiman is the last to wake up and pack up his things. He finds Yui outside his room. She came to get him and make him hurry up so they can start on their plan. Yui takes him to meet Yukino for breakfast and finalize their plan. They focus on specific romantic hotspots and decide where they will take Tobe and Hina for Tobe's confession. As well as how to get them alone together.[1]

Together the Service Club tours many of the best places they picked. They settle on Arashiyama's bamboo forest. They meet up with Hayato's group and discuss going there later. Hina has a private conversation with Hachiman. She hopes he isn't forgetting her request. She wants their group to get along in public. Hachiman tells her to pay attention in Arashiyama before going their separate ways.

The Service Club makes a few more stops and grab food before going to Arashiyama. Yui concludes, nighttime on the lantern lit bamboo path would be a good place to be confessed to.

They return to the hotel. Hachiman sees Tobe being very nervous about confessing later. Hayata looks gloomy and leaves the room, Hachiman follows him. Hachiman confronts Hayato about his obstructive behaviour. Hayato reveals he, like Yumiko, and Hina, doesn't want to risk ruining his group's good chemistry. Hayato also tells Hachiman he knows the group is "pretending" to be good friends, but he still likes it anyway. He admits he is selfish and asks Hachiman to make sure his group stays the same (prevent the confession). Hachiman thinks Hayato is lying about being selfish. Hayato tries to please everybody, and no matter what he will do here, it will hurt someone. This is why he is asking Hachiman to step in. Hayato cryptically says he didn't want to rely on Hachiman for "this too", as Hachiman walks away.

Chapter 9 - "His and her confession won't reach anyone."Edit

The Service Club and Hayato's clique (Excluding Yumiko) are hiding near the Arashiyama bamboo path waiting for Hina. Yui called Hina and asked her to come. Hachiman tells Tobe, no matter what happens, keep trying to win Hina over. He then tells Yui and Yukino that he has a plan to fix everything. They don't ask what it is, but they trust him.

As Hina arrives Tobe goes out to meet her. Tobe starts talking to Hina who is giving him a cold stare. Hachiman quickly walks over to the two of them and asks Hina out on a date. Hina tells Hachiman (and Tobe), that she doesn't want to date anyone and leaves quickly. Tobe is happy he didn't get rejected, and tells Hachiman he won't back down from wooing Hina. Hayato leaves with his friends and says sorry to Hachiman.

Now just the Service Club, Hachiman is relieved, turns to face Yui and Yukino. Yukino is extremely angry and frustrated, she says she hates how he does things and leaves first. Yui tells Hachiman that his strategy wasn't so good. She thought he was serious. She says that he can't do stuff like that anymore, even if it is effective. He has to think about how others feel, not just accomplishing the task at hand. Yui doesn't like how Hachiman solves things either. She runs off like Yukino.

The next morning Hina approaches Hachiman at the train station. She thanks him for stopping Tobe's confession. Hachiman hopes she will consider Tobe eventually. She jokes that she wont date anyone because she is "rotten". She then says she might date someone, if it was "Hikitani" (Hachiman). Hachiman tells her to stop joking or he might actually fall for her.[8] Hina reveals she likes being in her comfortable friend space, but it's also why she hates herself.

As Ebina leaves, Hachiman thinks about why people pretend and hide from the truth. Something pretend that breaks is broken forever, that's why everyone lies. He considers himself the biggest liar of them all.


Characters not in glossary

  • Minami Sagami - Hachiman's classmate. In the second most popular group.
  • Ooka - Part of Hayama's group.
  • Yamato - Part of Hayama's group.
  • Atsugi - Sobu High Physical education teacher. Kyoto trip chaperone.

Differences, Omissions, and ReferencesEdit

While not everything in the light novel can be adapted into the anime, most of it is. The order of events is even changed in places. Some key differences, and large omissions will be listed here.

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Omitted
  2. This scene is moved to the start of episode 2-2. Or where Chapter 7 starts in the anime.
  3. An indirect kiss (sharing utensils, water bottles, anything mouth to mouth) is a big deal in Japan. They are also at a shrine dedicated to finding love. A very awkward situation.
  4. Japanese hotels/inns rent out large empty rooms with bedrolls, not like your typical hotel room. There are large communal outdoor mens/womens baths on site, and only some rooms have attached baths while others just have a toilet and sink.
  5. They go to Ichijoji in Kyoto, its apparently famous for being an entire street dedicated to ramen.
  6. Tenkaippin, a famous ramen chain. But this is their original store in Kyoto.
  7. She is actually talking about a different temple's rock garden called Nanzen-ji. In the Anime they are shown touring Ryoan-ji. Watari Wataru seems to have blended the two temples together in this Novel. Here is a comparison of the two rock gardens
  8. This scene is much more flirty in the anime. In the Light Novel its very friendly and joking.

Trivia Edit

  • The limited edition of this volume was released with a drama CD, titled Kanojotachi no, We Will Rock You (彼女たちの、うぃー・うぃる・ろっく・ゆー♡, "We will... We will rock "you"!!"). This CD is the only one not transcribed into a novel.