Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Volume 6 is the sixth official volume of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru light novel series. Volume 6 is adapted into Episodes 10, 11, and 12 of season 1.

Episode 10 covers from chapter 1 to the start of chapter 6.

Episode 11 covers chapters 6 and 7

Episode 12 covers chapters 8-10

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Ah, the cultural festival. An annual tradition with a long history of being an absolute nightmare for the loner. Hachiman is ready and willing to run at the first sign of responsibility - but while he's busy skipping festival prep in homeroom, he is chosen as a reluctant tribute to the schoolwide festival committee instead! Meanwhile, Yukino is saddled with unwanted tasks of her own, but the lingering tension between the members of the Service Club makes it difficult to intervene. To make matters worse, her big sister Haruno just can't leave well enough alone...

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Summer break is over and September has started. There is only a month until the Culture Festival which needs serious help if it is to be a success. Can they pull it off, or will everything go wrong?


The chapter guide is meant as a light timeline (under 4000 words) of events for reference and/or comparison to the anime. If you are looking for any extreme detail, please use the ISBN #'s to purchase the full volumes.

Chapter 0 - "Hina Ebina's musical is homoerotic as expected." Edit

A graphic of Ebina's musical plan for the Culture Festival called "The Little Prince" is displayed.

Ebina is presenting her musical plan for the upcoming Culture Festival. The class agrees that Yaoi/BL themes aside, it's good enough to present to the school.

Chapter 1 - "In the storm, Hachiman Hikigaya continues to slide." Edit

Hachiman keeps awkwardly stopping conversations with his monologues. The Service Club members are discussing an approaching typhoon when Hiratsuka enters the room. She warns them about the weather and says all the other clubs are leaving. They should head home too.

Hachiman peddles his bike home as fast as he can, but strong winds slow him down and he doesn't make it in time. The storm arrives and the rain soaked him.[1]

Chapter 2 - "Minami Sagami aggressively makes a request."  Edit

Hachiman stays up late hoping the typhoon will cancel school for a while. It does not and he is sleepy at school the next day. He decides to cut a period after lunch and heads to the nurses office to sleep. On his way he runs into Totsuka, who reminds him about the upcoming Cultural Fest. Hachiman tells Totsuka to put him down for any volunteer position and leaves for his nap.

Upon entering the infirmary, the nurse recognizes Hachiman as one of "Shizuka's kids". She believes Hachiman when he says he has a cold and lets him have a nap in the infirmary.[2]

When Hachiman returns to class he is shocked to learn Totsuka volunteered him for the Culture Festival Committee. Its revealed Hiratsuka hand picked him because he told Totsuka that "anything is fine".

The rest of the 2-F's roles are still being decided after class. No one wants to be the female representative counterpart to Hachiman. Eventually Sagami is persuaded by Yui and Hayama to be the female committee member.

After school Hachiman heads to the Culture Fest meeting room to wait for everyone. He sees Sagami is already there introducing herself to new people. The room gets noisier as more people arrive until Yukino shows up. The entire room quiets down in awe when she arrives. The final students also show up with Hiratsuka and Atsugi.

The student council president Meguri starts the meeting and asks if anyone wants to be the chairperson for the committee. She recognizes Yukino as Haruno's little sister and asks if she will do it. Yukino turns Meguri down, who keeps trying to persuade her. Sagami interrupts and says she can be the chairperson, it will be an opportunity for her to "grow".

Everyone is given time to look at what roles are available and Hachiman decides to be the assistant historian/records keeper. It involves no hard work and taking pictures on the day of the event. Sagami then is given control of the committee to assign people roles they have chosen. Sagami becomes shy and unconfident when suddenly thrown into the spotlight. She is unsure of what to do when too many or too few people volunteer for specific committee divisions. Meguri keeps solving any problems that arrive in the meeting.

Hachiman is able to get into the assistant historian group, which Yukino happens to choose as well. A 3rd year student is elected to be their group leader.

Afterwards everyone leaves to go home. Sagami is seen looking dejected.

Chapter 3 - "Hina Ebina's musical is homoerotic as expected. (Part 2)"  Edit

The next day after school is chaos. Class 2-F is trying to determine roles for their class event, which is Ebina's musical. She casts Hayama and Hachiman as the lead roles. Hachiman is able to get out of the class play because he is on the schools planning committee. Ebina recasts the leads to be Hayama and Totsuka instead. Yui is the production assistant.

Yui and Hachiman head to the Service Club to mention they will be away until the Culture Festival is over. Yukino agrees to suspend the club until after the festival. They are about to leave when Sagami arrives with a request. She wants help with the Culture Festival. Hachiman feels she regrets becoming chairman and just wants Yukino and the Service Club to make the Culture Festival a success. Yukino is hesitant but surprisingly agrees to help Sagami.

When Sagami leaves, Yukino mentions club is still suspended, she will be doing all the helping on her own. Yui thinks they should help together and leaves in a huff. Hachiman follows and finds her sulking in the hall. Yui thinks Yukino is acting strange. She then tells Hachiman she doesn't like Sagami and can't get along with her, but they are still friends. Yui feels that Sagami hates her because Yui joined Miura's group in second year instead of staying in Sagami's group. She ends by saying she doesn't trust Sagami's motives and dislikes when others try to take advantage of friends (Yukino). She makes Hachiman promise again to help Yukino if shes ever in trouble.

Hachiman then heads to the committee meeting and finds Zaimokuza on the way. Zaimokuza is just there to brag that his class is using his script for their class play.[3]

Chapter 4 - "Suddenly, Haruno Yukinoshita attacks." Edit

Yukino becomes the vice-chairperson for the Culture Festival committee and immediately takes over most of the work. Over the next few days Yukino slowly outshines Sagami through her excellence and hard work. Yukino even stays after meetings to do more work. Everyone forgets that Sagami is the real chairperson.

One day before a committee meeting, Hachiman is watching Ebina, Yui, and Miura discuss making costumes. He notices the usually disinterested Saki following the conversation. Hachiman calls out to her and says she isn't good at hiding her interest. He then calls over Yui and tells her that Saki wants to help make costumes. Yui and Ebina excitedly include her in their plans.

Hachiman then leaves for the meeting. He hears Yui asking Sagami if she is going as well. Sagami says probably not because she will just be in Yukino's way.

Out in the hall Hachiman bumps into Hayama, who walks with him to the meeting to get some forms. Hachiman remembers the last time they were alone together, Hayama revealed a jealous side, and told Hachiman he didn't like him.[4]

Before they actually talk they arrive at the meeting room and notice some tension. Inside the room there is a standoff between Yukino and Haruno, who was invited by Meguri. She is there to volunteer her orchestra for the Culture Festival. Both Yukino and Hayama chastise Haruno for just doing whatever she pleases just because people let her. Yukino wants to deny her request but can't as she isn't the actual chairperson. At that moment Sagami arrives cheerfully. Haruno takes full advantage of Sagami and gains her approval. Haruno then encourages Sagami to take it easy and help out her class if she wanted to.

Later, Haruno approaches Hachiman and exclaims she is surprised to see him there. She also mentions she thought Yukino would have been the chairperson, because she was the chairperson in her own time at Sobu. Hachiman wonders why the two sisters are so uncooperative with each other. He thinks its because they have no flaws to support each other on, and that both are perfect. The only noticeable thing being Yukino is 3 years less experienced and has yet to surpass Haruno in any way. He settles on asking Haruno why she is even there. Haruno brushes him off coldly.

Sagami relays Haruno's message to the committee and dismisses everyone for the day.

Over the next few days Hachiman notices how much Haruno's "words of wisdom" had affected the committee. More and more people are taking days off and some people have just stopped coming. The large workload is being pushed onto the few people left. Hachiman even starts doing other groups work. Yukino herself has taken on so much extra work Haruno tries to help her. Yukino stubbornly refuses her help, at the behest of Meguri she caves and lets Haruno do some work..

Chapter 5 - "Meguri Shiromeguri is pleasantly trifled with." Edit

Hachiman is the last assistant historian left. He now has to do all of their work in addition to extra work he is being given. He notices that more than half of the students on the committee are absent including Sagami. They are only able to finish work because of Yukino's organization skills and the student council helping out. Hayama arrives to drop off a form and notices the same thing. Due to his natural people skills he accidentally starts to help even though he isn't a committee member. Hayama encourages Yukino to take a break, when she refuses he offers to help out with the other volunteer groups to lessen the load. Yukino only accepts after Hachiman and Meguri say its ok to accept help sometimes.

A week later even fewer people are showing up. Hayama is still coming by to help out. When everyone is working away Hiratsuka enters and needs to talk to Yukino. Yukino still hasn't chosen her 3rd year courses, Humanities or Sciences. She cryptically mentions she is having difficulty choosing. Everyone gets back to work and Yukino reminds Hachiman he has to submit class 2-F's event application for Ebina's play.

Hachiman leaves to get Yui to fill out the form for him. Back in his classroom he sees Sagami goofing off before finding Yui. She goes with him back to the committee room to help him fill out the form. Sagami arrives and starts to talk to Hayama. Yukino keeps interrupting to give Sagami work. When the meeting is over Sagami wants to go hang out (with Hayama), but everyone else is staying to do extra work. Sagami leaves anyway.

Chapter 6 - "Unusually, Yui Yuigahama is indignant." Edit

The next day Hachiman and Hayama are working for the committee when Hiratsuka enters the room. She tells them that Yukino is sick and assumes she didn't tell anyone. Hachiman knows that no one on the committee, including himself, has her contact info. Hiratsuka mentions someone should check on her. Hachiman and Hayama have a stand off over who will go see her. Hachiman ends up going but invites Yui because he doesn't know exactly where Yukino lives.

Yui and Hachiman go to Yukino's apartment and she hesitantly lets them in. When inside Yui admonishes Yukino for overworking herself. Yui is upset Yukino refuses to rely on others for help, especially her friends. She's also angry at Hachiman for not helping Yukino when she clearly needed it. They argue about the best way to handle things and then the conversation stalls. Yukino decides to make tea. Afterwards Hachiman decides to leave and Yui goes to accompany him. Yukino stops Yui at the door and says relying on others is hard but she will try to in the future. Hachiman leaves and encourages Yui to stay behind. While leaving Hachiman tells himself he will "change the world" (fix the committee).

The next day they are trying to decide on a slogan for the Culture Festival. Sagami immediately hands of the meeting to Yukino. Hachiman keeps mocking all of the nominated slogans until Sagami confronts him to suggest his own slogan. Hachiman's slogan involves an analogy using the Kanji for "MAN" () to guilt others who have been taking it easy into working harder. The only ones that find his dark humour funny are Haruno and Yukino, who rejects his slogan anyway and ends the meeting.

In the hall Yukino teases him about his awful slogan. Hachiman makes fun of her own complicated slogan. Yukino then awkwardly wishes Hachiman a good day and waves goodbye. Hachiman returns the sentiment while thinking about asking her if they could be friends.

The next day Hachiman is working alone when Haruno approaches him. She knows that he is trying to unite the committee slackers into outperforming him in order to get the Culture Fest back on track. Hachiman realizes Haruno is doing the same thing to Yukino that he is doing to the other committee members. Motivating by being an antagonist. Yukino shows up and dumps a lot of work on Hachiman and tells Haruno to go away.

On the way to the committee room Hachiman is observing classes frantically trying to finish their projects. When he arrives he sees Yukino still doing everything and Sagami just sitting limply. Everyone is praising Yukino and wishing that tomorrows festival will finally pay off.

Chapter 7 - "This is the moment Soubu High School is festivaling hardest." Edit

On the day of the festival Hachiman is not only the historian in charge of taking photo's but also the timekeeper for the main events. He watches from the wing as the opening ceremony starts. Meguri gets everyone pumped up and brings out Sagami to read an opening speech. Sagami has stage fright and stumbles through her speech. A bad start to the event Hachiman thinks.

The first day of the Culture Festival is school only, allowing the classes to experience everything themselves before serving the public on the second day. After the opening ceremony Hachiman is hanging around his class until Ebina sends him outside to be the receptionist for their class.

When their play starts Hachiman watches from the back of class. He thinks the "musical" is "okay", but there wasn't even any dancing or singing. However the many girls that came to watch Hayama enjoyed it.

Hachiman is sitting outside waiting for more customers when Yui joins him at his table with some food. They see Yukino handling some business down the hall and Hachiman asks Yui what they did when he left them at Yukino's apartment. Yui states they didn't talk about anything important (car accident) and that she will wait for Yukino to come forward on her own terms. They eat the food Yui brought and Hachiman insists on paying her. Instead Yui says he can just buy the next time they go to eat.

Chapter 8 - "Beyond, Yukino Yukinoshita has her eye on someone." Edit

On the second day Hachiman is wandering around taking pictures when Komachi suddenly appears. They chat for a while before she takes off to explore.

Hachiman continues and sees Yukino checking on classes. She sees him and heads over. they start inspecting classes together. When they reach Class 3-B who are supposed to be doing a trolley tour, they find they changed their project into a sort of roller coaster. Yukino tries to stop them but they throw her and Hachiman into the ride instead. Its dark, cramped, and uncomfortable. Afterwards Yukino still wants them to shut it down. Hachiman persuades her to let them resubmit their form later.[5]

When they leave Yukino tells Hachiman to get back to work or someone will have to supervise him so he wont slack off. Regardless, Yukino makes him follow her around to more classrooms to take photos. They stop outside class 3-E which is doing a popup petting zoo using housepets. Yukino is in the doorway entranced by a ragdoll cat. Hachiman encourages her to enter but she refuses because there are dogs inside. She is also embarrassed to be seen playing with animals in her position as vice-chairperson. Instead she makes Hachiman go inside and take pictures of the cat for her.[5]

They continue on and she leads him to the main stage. It was time for Haruno's orchestra to play. They play an incredible piece that gets the crowd involved, chanting "Mambo!".[6] When they finish Yukino praises her sister as amazing and that she always wanted to be like her. Hachiman says she is fine the way she is, but gets no reply.

Chapter 9 - "And so the curtain rises on each stage." Edit

Hachiman is preparing things backstage for the finale, but Sagami is missing. They could replace her but she disappeared with the closing speech. The speech had the Culture Festival award tallies on it for the students and classes along with the community involvement award. Hayama offers to have the Volunteer band play one extra song to buy the searchers a couple extra minutes. Yukino sends Hachiman to find Sagami. In order to buy him even more time she bargains with Haruno to play a song with her, Meguri, Hiratsuka, and Yui.

Hachiman leaves to look for Sagami. He calls Zaimokuza for ideas, he recommends the roof or annex. Hachiman heads for the roof of the school and Zaimokuza will check the annex. On his way Hachiman runs into Saki who tells him how to get onto the roof easily.[5]

He reaches the roof and finds Sagami there, she looks very upset. Hachiman knows she wanted her friends to finds her instead. She offers to hand over the award results so Yukino can do the final announcements. Hachiman knows this will go against the request and wants to fulfill it properly for Yukino. Hachiman tries to convince her to return and save face, but Sagami is too angry and blames Yukino for shoving her aside. He knows he should lie and comfort her but that's not something he can do.

He's debating his options when he hears the roof door open and Hayama appears with Sagami's friends. They comfort her the way Hachiman couldn't, but Sagami still wont come down. Hachiman decides to bully her as a last push. he calls her spoiled and pampered with no real friends. Hayama stops him by slamming him into the wall. Sagami is comforted by her friends and finally leaves to give the closing speech. Hayama is bitter that Hachiman can only do things his way (make himself the villain).

Hachiman finds himself in the gym to see the ending ceremony. He arrives in time to see the ending of Yukino and Yui's performance. He assures himself that he will never forget the dazzling performance.

Chapter 10 - "Finally, he and she find the right answers." Edit

After the performance, Hachiman watches Sagami tearfully give the closing speech. Everyone in their class is now focused on Hachiman being mean instead of Sagami being incompetent.

Hachiman is cleaning up when most of the others leave. He is approached by Yukino who accepts his actions for "saving" Sagami and fulfilling the request. They are joined by Haruno and Hiratsuka. Haruno teases Yukino and Hachiman and asks him about the performance. Yukino surprised that he saw it, shyly asks him his thoughts. He awkwardly praises her causing her to be very embarrassed. Hiratsuka dismisses them for final homeroom. On the way she acknowledges all the work Hachiman put into the Culture Festival but cant praise him because of his final actions. She says just because he is used to pain it's no reason for him to continue hurting himself.

After homeroom Hachiman head the Service Club room to do final paperwork, he finds the room unlocked with Yukino already inside. She teases him for a while and then Hachiman asks her what she is doing. She tells him she is working on her career consultation for her 3rd year courses. She in turn asks Hachiman what he is doing. He tells her he is finishing Culture Festival paperwork. They work in silence for a while and Hachiman thinks about their relationship. He decides to ask her if they can be friends but she cuts him off before he finishes the question. She reminds him of her earlier answer[7] and that she doesn't lie. Hachiman decides to call out her bluff. He mentions its "ok" to lie and that he lies all the time. He continues saying its better to come clean earlier than to force things later (he is referencing the car accident).

Things go quiet then Yukino speaks up. She says she wasn't lying the first time, as she didn't know him at all. But she smiles and says now she does. Hachiman realizes she is just teasing him because they are friends and its what she does. Suddenly Yui appears and wants to drag them to the afterparty. Both Hachiman and Yukino insist they have to finish their work. Yui happily insists on waiting for them to finish, even though they said they didn't want to go.

Hachiman ponders, thinking "whats done is done", you cant redo things in life and eventually life will end. He then finishes his work.


Characters not in glossary

  • The class officer (not named) - Timid and naive. Male.
  • The school nurse (not named) - A young woman in a white coat.
  • Oda - Small time otaku.
  • Tahara - Small time otaku.
  • Kakeru Tobe - Part of Hayama's group. Loud.
  • Yukko - Sagami's new friend. On the Culture Festival committee. On the girls basketball team.
  • Haruka - Sagami's new friend. On the Culture Festival committee. On the girls basketball team.
  • Atsugi - The gym teacher at Sobu.
  • Ooka - Part of Hayama's group.
  • Yamato - Part of Hayama's group.

Differences, Omissions, and ReferencesEdit

While not everything in the light novel can be adapted into the anime, most of it is. The order of events is even changed in places. Some key differences, and large omissions will be listed here.

  1. The prologue and all of Chapter 1 is omitted.
  2. The trip to the nursery is omitted. Hachiman simply sleeps through homeroom in the Anime.
  3. This meeting with Zaimokuza is omitted.
  4. Omitted - References Volume 4 Chapter 7.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 Omitted
  6. As far as i can tell it was this piece. Leonard Bernstein's Mambo. Im not sure what was played in the Anime.
  7. Volume 1 - Chapter 2

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  • "The Little Prince" is a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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