The Workplace Tour Survey is a form students fill out in their second (2nd) year of high school. It is used to help the school decide where the second year classes will visit during their workplace tours.

The workplace tour survey is part of the prologue in Volume 2, and is seen in Episode 4 of the anime.


Hachiman's survey states his desire to be a househusband and stay at home.

Hachiman believes that the ultimate goal is to do nothing, yet live comfortably (minimal effort, maximum return). He states that if little girls wish to grow up and be brides, boys can wish to be husbands.


While Hachiman is serious about becoming a househusband[1], he also uses the report to try and get a day off school and be home alone. Or away from other people. He agrees to resubmit his form because the workplace tours are in groups of 3 and Hachiman doesn't want anyone to visit his house.


  1. Volume 1, Chapter 7 - Hachimans favourite jobs are, Househusband, Salaryman, and Fire Truck (when he was a child).
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