HEY IM AFK SORRY! I'll only be here about once a month and when big news drops.

Hey there I'm an admin for the Oregairu Wiki. Have any questions ask away on my Message Wall. Or add a request on the forums. You can contact other admins here.

Motto: used to be "Making 1 page a little better, everyday". Now its: "I dunno man, this could all probably be better".


Male, 25, ex code monkey, current psychology student.

I play video games on my DS, PC, and XBOX, as well as older systems. Soccer and hockey are my "go to" sports. One for summer, one for winter.

I wrote a fanfic and have ideas for others but rarely have free time to do so.

I don't remember how I got into OreGairu. Anime was relatively new in my life and this was one of the first shows I watched. I watched Haganai, then someone said Oregairu was a better version. It hooked me immediately. I'm really glad I discovered this show, I wish I had found it back in high school.

Goals/What I'm doing

I'm mainly here for content additions but I'm learning back-end and streamlining options for making editing easier. Mostly I'm proofreading all the articles and removing lots of unclear content, unsourced sections, or redundant/repeated information.

My top priority is filling out the Light Novel pages. I'm also going alphabetically through the sitemap, unless something else catches my eye. I also started work on some community policies.


Feel free to do any of this

  • Switch pages to english titles
  • Add english cast and audiobooks cast to character page
  • S3 OP ED info
  • Catch up on volume cover uploads
  • Add a manga novel list with release date
  • Oregairu Radio page, anything about it is great.[1]

Links to wikis I use

Manga-Light Novels-Books




Archived things

The old RSS feed


My admin application:

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