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Information below contains some spoilers!

Until th End, Yui Yuigahama Will Continue Watching Over Them is the seventh episode of  Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan.


Yoshiteru recruits Hatano and Sagami's Brother from the gaming club to help Hachiman get Yukino's Prom accepted, with a proposal that will make hers look really good by comparison. To increase their plan's credibility, Yui and Hachiman meet with Kaori and Tamanawa, from Kaihin Sougou High School, and the boys have a rap-battle. After settling on a project name and working on a website, Hachiman has a friendly conversation with Yukino outside. Yui tells Yukino she is helping Hachiman.


At the Gaming Club Room, Yoshiteru introduces Sagami's Brother and Hatano, who are both members of the Gaming Club to Hachiman and Yui. Hachiman immediately cuts to the chase and tells them of his plan to make a dummy prom.  They got the impression that Hachiman is crazy. With Yui's assistance, they agreed to help Hachiman with his plan, especially Sagami's Brother who shares a common ground with Hachiman. For the time being, Hachiman is using the Gaming Club Room as his venue to plan his prom. During their meeting, they discuss plans on how their prom will gain attention and they decide that having a joint prom with Kaihin Sougou High School and getting help from the Captain Commitee are viable options for them. 

At the Hikigaya Residence, Hachiman prepares to leave and also greets Komachi Happy Birthday. 
Hachiman proceeds to Mihama Library where Yui, Kaori and Tamanawa have already arrived there. Kaori questions why he didn't contact her instead of Yui.  Hachiman responds that he had a new phone and her contact had gone poof somehow. Moving on to the meeting, Hachiman presents the proposal of the joint prom. Tamanawa points out the flaws and problems of his proposal.  Hachiman retorts the flaws and a rap battle ensures between Hachiman and Tamanawa.  Despite the flaws in the proposal, Tamanawa and Kaori shows interest with the joint prom.  The meeting concludes and Kaori asks them to eat with them but Hachiman declines and gives the reason that he will continue working on the proposal at school.

Back at Gaming Club Room, Hachiman's group proceed to setup the logo and social media page for the joint prom.  Yoshiteru also brings his camera at Hachiman's request and proposes the name "Sobu High School Prom The Saiko Project" as the name for the joint prom. Hachiman accepts the name and prepares to meet with Hayato, the head of the Captain Committee while the rest finish up their individual tasks.

On his way to the soccer field, Hachiman sees Yukino and talks to her. They have their usual banter and discuss their progress on their respective proms. Yui soon joins them and she tells her that she is helping Hachiman. As Yukino and Yui have their talk, Hachiman watches and reflects on their situation with something that felt like a prayer. 

Major events

  • Hachiman holds a meeting with his group and decides to make it a joint prom event with Kaihin Sougou High School
  • Hachiman and Yui hold a meeting with Kaori and Tamanawa with regards to the proposed joint prom
  • Hachiman's "reset" in his relationship from middle school still holds true when he deletes Kaori's contact number from his phone and avoids any interaction with her outside of school activities
  • Yui informs Yukino that she is helping Hachiman and also reminds her of their showdown.

Character Appearances


  1. Japan
    1. Chiba
      • Sobu High School
        • Gaming Club Room
        • Athletic Field
      • Hikigaya Residence
      • Mihama Library


  • Hachiman has a rap battle with Tamanawa (with interjections from Kaori).
  • It was shown that Kaori has both Yui's and Hachiman's contacts, but Hachiman deleted Kaori's contact. Hachiman makes an excuse of losing her contact by changing to a new phone.
  • This is the first time Hachiman and Yukino are both drinking MAX Coffee. Usually, only Hachiman is shown drinking it while the rest of the characters drink something else.