Season 2 Episode 1 is adapted from Volume 7, chapters 1 to 6, while the first scene was reanimated by the new studio from Episode 12 of Season 1 which is the adaptation of Volume 6 Chapter 9.


The episode begins with a reanimation of the rooftop incident of Episode 12 of Season 1. It also reanimates the musical performance put on by Shizuka, Meguri, Haruno, Yui, and Yukino. Then it skips past the Athletic Festival (Episode 13) and Wife Contest (OVA 1) to start season 2.

Kakeru is making fun of Hachiman to his friends.

Yui is excited the Service Club is starting again.

Saika invites Hachiman to form a group with him for the school trip.

Hayato and Hina enter the classroom together.

After school in the club room, Yukino prepares tea and serves it to the members. They have a discussion about the field trip with Yukino over-explaining her plans. Hachiman and Yui suspect that Yukino is really excited for the trip but won't admit it.

Their conversation is interrupted by Hayato and Kakeru. Hayato explains that Kakeru is in need of advice but Kakeru refuses to speak in front of Hachiman. Yukino and Yui ask Hayato and Tobe to leave as they are being rude.

Tobe decides to explain his request that he needs help setting the mood so he can ask Hina out during the field trip. Yui and Yukino have opposing views, leaving Hachiman with the tie breaking vote. Hachiman eventually agrees and asks Tobe if he is aware of the risks involved.

Yui plots a list of schemes during the field trip for Tobe's confession when Hina appears with her own request. She is happy with her current relationships in the group and she doesn't want anything to change. She also wants them to get along better with Hachiman and the Service Club. She singles out Hachiman in her request which confuses him.

The next day the Second year students leave for the field trip. On the train, Yui tries to seat Kakeru and Hina together but it doesn't work. During the first day Yui is always trying to pair Kakeru and Hina together.

Hachiman notices Hayato seems to be undermining Yui's plans.

Later that night, Hachiman runs into Yukino in their hotel lobby and they discuss the request's progress. While talking they witness Shizuka sneaking out of the hotel. Shizuka then bribes the two into being quiet by taking them for ramen.

Afterwards Hachiman walks to the hotel with Yukino, but Yukino is uncomfortable and doesn't want both of them to be seen together by others as this might start rumours about the two of them. Hachiman waits outside and lets Yukino enter the hotel alone.

Credits Scene

Unlike Season 1 which only had a preview of the next episode, Season 2 has conversations between the characters as the credits are shown.

Yoshiteru is babbling in the background while Hachiman and Saika are discussing places to see in Kyoto. Hachiman is happy if he gets to go anywhere with Saika. Saika wants to see Toei's Kyoto studio park, or Arashiyama's hot springs. Saika falls asleep leaving Hachiman flustered about being in a hot spring with Saika.

Major events

  • Hachiman still has a bad reputation around the school.
  • Saika and Hachiman form a team for the Kyoto trip.
  • Tobe gives a request to the Service Club and is friendly to Hachiman.
  • Kaori is mentioned along with Hachiman's confession to her.
  • Hina gives a request to the Service Club.
  • Kyoto field trip.
  • Hachiman notices Hayama's odd behavior.
  • Shizuka brings Yukino and Hachiman to get ramen.
  • Yukino and Hachiman walk back to the hotel together.

Character Appearances

New Characters


  • Kyoto
  • Tenkaippin Ramen Store


  • "Bitter Bitter Sweet" is used as the insert/concert song.
  • This episode contains a flash back sequence of Tobe explaining his feelings for Hina during the Chiba Village summer camp arc which was not adapted from the LN in Season 1.
  • The ending eye catcher has Hachiman and Saika in it with Saika holding a canned drink while Hachiman is holding a chocolate bar.
S2 Episode 1 End Card

Ending eye catcher of Episode 1


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