Saki Kawasaki is a loner student at Sobu High School. She's in the same class as Yui and Hachiman, class 2-F.


Hachiman states that she's tall and slender. Her eyes are light purple in the anime, and she has a beauty spot under her right eye. It's said that her legs are smooth and it's stated that she has long flowing hair that hangs between the middle of her thighs and her knees. Her hair was described as "blueish" by Hachiman.

Saki is usually seen in the school uniform, though she wears it in the most disheveled and relaxed state (not to school standards). She has two buttons of her shirt undone and doesn't tuck it in. Sometimes she doesn't wear the blazer and if she does it is unbuttoned. Sometimes she ties a grey cardigan around her waist. She wears handmade scrunchies in her hair and around her wrists.


When first introduced, she is very calm and serious, like when Hachiman saw her underwear (Episode 5, Volume 2). She is initially introduced alone and holding a lighter, indicating she may smoke sometimes. She is only seen playing with the lighter in the anime. This is never addressed or alluded to in either the Light Novel or Anime, it would be safe to assume she does not smoke.

Saki appears cold and distant to others. She can be curt, stubborn and frank. She avoids small talk and doesn't like to talk with others, especially about her personal issues. Saki seems like a delinquent who is always late for class, dresses poorly, and is impolite to others. Saki can appear aggressive to some, both in defence of herself and when being "polite". Saki's aggressiveness stems from the fact that she can't express herself properly, and just plain social clumsiness.

Later in the series, she is shown to be a kind and loving older sister, and fierce protector of her family. Saki regularly texts someone during class (presumably her younger brother), often with a smile on her face. She often run errands involving Keika or Taishi. It is revealed she is not a delinquent but actually very hardworking. She had great grades and in order to improve them through summer school she worked part-time jobs to afford extra classes.

Even after she stopped working on night shifts and other part-time jobs, Saki still appears tired, lazy and reluctant to chit chat, indicating that nothing in ordinary high school teen life interests her.

Saika said that she's never seen her being friendly with anyone. Yoshiteru describes her as solemn, haughty or aloof. On the other hand, Taishi describes her as "kind" and "serious".



Saki making costumes for athletic festival

Saki is known to be adept at housework and simple chores. She picked up many skills looking after her younger siblings. She often made dinner for her siblings in her middle school days, which shows her skill in cooking. Saki is also skilled in sewing both by hand and by sewing machine. She shows her skills when making costumes for the class play during the Cultural Festival, and when making outfits for the Athletic Festival. Ebina noticed her hand made scrunchies, and alterations to her school uniform.

In Volume 2 her skills are listed as karate and making soft toys.


Saki in sports event

She is shown to be somewhat athletic as she participated in the athletic festival during the girls event. She was also part of the broadcasting team with Ebina and Yumiko..


In the light novel, Kawasaki's house is mentioned to be somewhere close to Hikigaya's house. However, because the middle school district is separated by the highway she went to a different middle school.

According to her brother she was a super serious student back in middle school. She was relatively nice back then and often made dinner. She didn’t change much even when she was in her first year of high school, but she started to change in her second year of high school.


Volume 2


Shizuka losing an argument with Saki

In light novel her debut was on the rooftop of the school. Hachiman wanted solitude to write his future career report, which is blown away by the wind. Saki who is there unknown to Hachiman, catches his report and climbs down to leave. While she was climbing down, her underwear was exposed by the wind. Once down, she glanced at the report and gave it back to Hachiman, calling him an idiot.

One day as Hachiman leaves class, he notices Saki looking at a flyer for summer school classes.

Later, the Service Club runs into Komachi and Taishi Kawasaki. Taishi explains his concern for Saki, since she comes home late every night. Yukino accepts his request for the Service Club and will determine what Saki is up to.

At school, the Service Club tried and failed using various methods to approach Saki. Later on, they learn that Saki works in a cafe somewhere in Chiba City, and track down the two most likely cafes.


Service club encounter Saki

The Service Club discover that Saki works night shifts at the second cafe, on the top floor of the Royal Okura Hotel named Angel ladder. Yukino finds that Saki lied about her age to the management so that she can work nights. They fail to persuade her to quit, with Saki arguing that they should stay out of her business. As the Service Club leaves, Hachiman convinces Saki to meet him after her shift.

Saki Personality 3

Saki and service club listening to Hachiman's explanation

In the morning, Saki meets Hachiman along with the Service Club. Komachi and Taishi, in a nearby restaurant. There he predicts the exact reason for her night shifts and reveals it to everyone. Saki is working so much to fund her summer school tuition, so as not to burden her family. Hachiman also suggests that Saki apply for a scholarship, so she wont have to worry her brother or work nights shifts any more.

Volume 5

In the light novel Volume 5 Chapter 2, it is mentioned that she followed Hachiman's advice and managed to get a scholarship and her relationship with her siblings seems to turned for the better. She still does her part-time jobs only in her leisure hours and spends more time with her siblings.

Volume 6


Saki making costumes for class play

Later in the series Episode 10 (adaptation of Volume 6) Ebina's eyes fell on the skills of Saki (In light novel by Hachiman's influence) and thus her social relationship improved followed by her participation in various events especially making costumes for class play, athletic festival, etc.

Volume 6.5

Saki was recruited by Ebina again, this time to make costumes for the Athletic Festival. While she seemed frustrated because of the elaborate costume design, Hachiman thinks she's enjoying herself, being included in plans and working with others.

Volume 7

Volume 7.5

Volume 8

Volume 9

While Hachiman is at an elementary school with Isshiki recruiting kids for the Christmas Collaboration Event, he happens to find a girl (Keika) that seems a little lost, who is waiting for her sister. Saki shows up to get her, and Hachiman briefly thinks that the girl could be Saki's child. Saki introduces Keika to him, who starts calling him Ha-chan.

Later on Hachiman notices Saki at the Christmas Event watching Keika.

Volume 10

It was later mentioned in Volume 10, when receiving counseling for choosing their career paths, Saki runs into Hachiman where they exchange information about reach other's career choice and also about their siblings. She reveals that she is planning on going to a public school for liberal arts and chose liberal arts courses for her third year.

Volume 10.5

Volume 11

Volume 12

Differences and Light Novel parts excluded from the Anime

Saki's role in the anime is greatly reduced in comparison to the Novel. There are many misunderstandings and awkward "romantic" moments between the two that are excluded completely.

From Volume 2, her initial introduction on the rooftop is not included in the anime. In Episode 4, Saki is introduced in the classroom and not on the rooftop.

From Volume 5, Saki's attending cram school and meeting Hachiman there. Later they visit a nearby restaurant to see her brother Tashi and Komachi. Hachiman gives advice to Taishi about choosing and getting into a good High school.

Volume 6, Hachiman persuaded Yui and Hina to appoint Saki as the costume designer for the play. But in the anime it was shown to be Hina's own involvement without any influence.

Saki pointed Hachiman towards the rooftop when he was searching for Minami. After Hachiman thanked her by saying, "Thanks! Love ya Kawasaki!", she immediately shrieked loudly in embarrassment and anger after he dashed off to the rooftop.

In Volume 9, She was shown to pick up her little sister from nursery school where she runs into Hachiman. They have a conversation with each other about Saki's improved relationship with her siblings.

In Volume 10, when receiving counseling for choosing their career paths, Saki runs into Hachiman where they exchange information about reach other's career choice and also about their siblings.

Addressed / Nick names


  • "Are you stupid?"[1]
  • "What does it matter where I go? I haven't bothered anyone."[2]
  • "I just need money." [3]
  • "I'm not working for money to spend playing around. Don't lump with those idiots."[3]
  • "I told you, you didn't need to know. I plan to go to college, and I don't want to burden you and our parents with that."[3]


  • She's allergic to cats.[2]
  • She has worn black laced underwear to school. [4] [1]
  • She sometimes uses slang.[5]
  • She brings a cheap $1 lighter to school sometimes[4]
  • She dotes on her younger siblings, just like Hachiman dotes on his sister.
  • Saki is shown to be bad with scary things.
  • Despite the fact she is good in house chores, she only can make plain food like Rice Krispie Treat.


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