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"I'm not working for money to spend playing around. Don't lump with those idiots."

—Saki Kawasaki, My Teen Romantic Comedy, SNAFU!

Saki Kawasaki (川崎 沙希 Kawasaki Saki) is a student at Sobu High School and is in class 2-F. Hachiman describes her as being a loner.


Saki is a teenage girl of above average height and slender build. She has long, pale blue hair that reaches down to her waist and short choppy bangs. Her eye color is inconsistent between seasons; they are emerald green in Season 1 and pigeon blue in Season 2. She has a beauty spot underneath her right eye. Hachiman noted that her legs looked as if they were made for kicking.

Saki is usually seen in the school uniform, though she does not wear it up to school standards. She has two buttons of her shirt undone and doesn't tuck it in. Sometimes, she doesn't wear the blazer and if she does wear it, it is left unbuttoned. A grey cardigan is occasionally seen around her waist. Hina pointed out that her uniform is heavily modified. She wears handmade scrunchies in her hair and around her wrists.


When first introduced, Saki is very calm and serious, like when Hachiman saw her underwear (Episode 5, Volume 2). She is initially introduced alone and holding a lighter, indicating she may smoke sometimes. She is only seen playing with the lighter in the anime. This is never addressed or alluded to in either the Light Novel or Anime, it would be safe to assume she does not smoke.

Saki appears cold and distant to others. She can be curt, stubborn and frank. She avoids small talk and doesn't like to talk with others, especially about her personal issues. Saki seems like a delinquent who is always late for class, dresses poorly, and is impolite to others. Saki can appear aggressive to some, both in defence of herself and when being "polite". Saki's aggressiveness stems from the fact that she can't express herself properly, and just plain social clumsiness.

Later in the series, she is shown to be a kind and loving older sister, and fierce protector of her family. Saki regularly texts someone during class (presumably her younger brother), often with a smile on her face. She often run errands involving Keika or Taishi. It is revealed she is not a delinquent but actually very hardworking. She had great grades and in order to improve them through summer school she worked part-time jobs to afford extra classes.

Even after she stopped working on night shifts and other part-time jobs, Saki still appears tired, lazy and reluctant to chit chat, indicating that nothing in ordinary high school teen life interests her.

Saika said that she's never seen her being friendly with anyone. Yoshiteru describes her as solemn, haughty or aloof. On the other hand, Taishi describes her as "kind" and "serious".


Saki is known to be adept at housework and simple chores. She picked up many skills looking after her younger siblings. She often made dinner for her siblings in her middle school days, which shows her skill in cooking. Saki is also skilled in sewing both by hand and by sewing machine. She shows her skills when making costumes for the class play during the Cultural Festival, and when making outfits for the Athletic Festival. Hina Ebina noticed her hand made scrunchies, and alterations to her school uniform.

In Volume 2 her skills are listed as karate and making soft toys.

She is shown to be somewhat athletic as she participated in the athletic festival during the girls event. She was also part of the broadcasting team with Ebina and Yumiko Miura.

Addressed / Nick names


  • "Are you stupid?"[1]
  • "What does it matter where I go? I haven't bothered anyone."[2]
  • "I just need money." [3]
  • "I'm not working for money to spend playing around. Don't lump with those idiots."[3]
  • "I told you, you didn't need to know. I plan to go to college, and I don't want to burden you and our parents with that."[3]


  • The name Saki means "sand" (沙) (sa) and "hope" (希) (ki).
  • Saki's surname Kawasaki means "river, stream" (川) (kawa) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).


  • Saki is allergic to cats.[2]
  • Saki has worn black laced underwear to school. [4] [1]
  • Saki sometimes uses slang.[5]
  • Saki brings a cheap $1 lighter to school sometimes.[4]
  • Saki dotes on her younger siblings, just like Hachiman Hikigaya dotes on his sister.
  • Saki is shown to be bad with scary things.
  • Despite the fact that Saki is good in house chores, she only can make plain food like Rice Krispie Treat.


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