Sablé is the Yuigahama family dog.


Sablé is a male light brown Dachshund.[1]


Sablé has lots of energy and enjoys playing. He often pulls hard on his leash and is able to escape Yui often.


Before school, Yui took Sablé out for a walk on the first day of High School. Sablé got off his leash and was nearly struck by a car. Hachiman Hikigaya saved Sablé, hospitalizing himself while Sable was unharmed.


While at the mall, Sablé got loose and ran around as Yui chased after him. The dog soon found Yukino Yukinoshita and Hachiman Hikigaya. Sable smelled Hachiman and immediately recognized him. Hachiman recognized the dog before Yui appeared and reclaimed him.[2]



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