This page is considered an official policy on OreGairu Wiki.
Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.

Article Editing Policy

Article and content editing is open to all except repeat vandals. To promote constructive editing the following rules apply.

  • Before creating a page check the local sitemap, category pages, Wiki pages, and special pages to see if it exists.
  • Note this is the ENGLISH wiki, the articles must be written in English.
    • If you wish to start a wiki in another language based off our pages feel free to do so. See here for some information on creating language links and let an admin know when you are going to start.
  • The information must be factual and accurate, please keep personal opinions out of the articles.
  • The articles should remain NEUTRAL and UNBIASED.
  • Cite and Reference your content.
    • Light Novel volume and chapter, Manga Volume, Direct links to websites or archived pages.
    • The Light Novel is the original source material.
    • Differentiate between Light Novel, Manga, and Anime sources.
  • Official Subs and Light Novel translations have the last word.
    • Some LN Volumes and Manga have not been translated to English. In this instance Fan Translations are accepted but a Template:UnofficialDisclaimer must be added to the top of the page.
  • Ignore the smaller things.
    • English VS American English (colour vs color), Romaji differences (Sobu, Soubu, Söbu).
  • When editing an article use correct grammar and improve it when possible.
  • No vandalism. Mistakes are forgiven, but repeated vandalism will be met with a ban.
  • Make sure content is on the appropriate page.
    • Character tabs are generally Introduction, History, Plot, Relationships, Gallery. Minor characters might have everything on one page.
  • Do not move/rename/delete pages unless you have a very good reason to.
  • Explain your change or addition if it is not self evident.
  • You can write just about anything in your own profile.
    • Fan fiction, theories, personal opinions, your bio, etc.
  • Do not edit other peoples profile pages.

Citation & Referencing

When editing something specific it is best to have a reference to what you are changing. Don't forget to add a reference tag. We don't need it down to the exact line or page, but a Light Novel Volume and Chapter would be great. If it is Anime specific list the Episode, you will not need a timestamp.

Source Code

Either paste reference <ref></ref> tags in the source code or use the Wiki Editor to insert a reference.

The end of your sentence.<ref>Change this text to your reference</ref>


Hachiman's eyes looked like those of a rotten fish.<ref>[[Volume 1]] - Chapter 1, Season 1 - [[Episode 1]]</ref>

The end of your sentence.[1]

Hachiman's eyes looked like those of a rotten fish.[2]

  1. Change this text to your reference
  2. Volume 1 - Chapter 1, Season 1 - Episode 1

Most pages have a reference list where your reference will appear.

For more information see Wikia's Citation guidelines.

Page protection

Main article: OreGairu Wiki:Protection policy

As a rule all pages should be left unprotected. The only protected pages are important non-article pages and articles that have been excessively edited or vandalized.

If you do find a protected page you wish to edit contact an admin.


What constitutes as vandalism?

  • Any large edit either adding or removing content.
  • Changing factually correct information.
  • Continuously editing the same page for little reason.
  • Reverting changes that are constructive or otherwise harmless.
  • Creating off topic pages.
  • Uploading off topic files.
  • Moving/renaming pages for no reason.
  • Interfering with other people profiles.
  • Spam links on message boards or comments sections.
  • Harassing other users.

CSS & JavaScript

This is a relatively basic wiki. If there is a cool feature you are interested in adding contact an admin.

File Upload Policy

This page contains rules that apply to apply to the use of files on OreGairu Wiki.

You can upload file to wiki by using Special:Upload (one file) or Special:MultipleUpload (up to ten files). If you need further help, please see Help:Images.

In short:

  1. Obey FANDOM's Terms of Use.
  2. Before uploading, check if this file had been already uploaded. Duplicate files are not allowed.
  3. The file description page should also be used to add the file to any file categories.
  4. Give file a clear, understandable name according to the naming convention (see below).
  5. Upload only files related to the official production (files related to fanart, doujin works, AMVs, etc. are not allowed; visit OregairuSnafu reddit page instead) and files needed for wiki purposes (icons, etc). Every file must have a use in at least one of the wiki's pages. Personal files are not allowed.

Also, when uploading an image:

  1. Use a correct format - JPG or PNG (in some cases SVG is also allowed).
  2. Don't include any watermarks or text in the image.
  3. Upload images with high quality.

Warning: Any uploaded file not compliant with conditions above is liable to be removed.

File management

Replacing files

To replace file, use the "Replace" link on the file description page.

Renaming files

Files can be renamed, however, only administrators can do that.

Describing files

When uploading a file, don't forget to describe the file on its description page.


  • The cover of light novel's Volume 1.
  • Shizuka Hiratsuka profile picture.
  • Yui Yuigahama and Yukino Yukinoshita making cookies. (Episode 1)

Also don't forget to specify file licensing either in file upload dialog (for images), either by adding appropriate copyright template on the file description page. In case of official content use "fair use" option.

Naming files

In order to simplify search of images on wiki, please follow this naming convention when you upload a file.

Destination File Name = What it is, Who it is, Where is it from, identifier/A number or version type(1, small, HQ, LQ).

Examples = Cover_Volume_1_HQ.png, Profile_Shizuka_Episode1_HQ.png, Yukino Yui Episode1 Baking.png

Cover -not used- Volume 1, HQ

Profile Shizuaka Episode1, HQ

-not used- Yukino Yui Episode1, baking

Example keywords: EP1, Episode 1, Zoku, Hachiman, Season 2, Sobu.

Note: Unclear file name like file1.png, adfguiasio.gif, bumtouch69.jpg are not allowed.

Deleting files

  1. Remove all uses of the file from articles – make it an orphan.
  2. Add the {{delete}} template to the file description page. Don't forget to specify reason for deleting.
  3. After that, file can be deleted by administrator.
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