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This is a general introduction for visitors to OreGairu Wiki. For information on how to help us, see Special:Community.

Hi there! Welcome to the Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Wiki also known as the OreGairu Wiki. Here we are dedicated to providing accurate and up to date info on the series known as OreGairu. Knowing this be aware that some things may be considered spoilers if you have not finished the light novels or anime series.

Interested in a quick, spoiler free, catch-up on all the official content? Try reddit user u/paladinmahdi's graphic. They are also a pretty good artist and Moderator for the OreGairu reddit page.

Want to discuss stuff?

  • The Fandom "Discuss" tool can be found here. It works similar to reddit.
  • Most pages have a comments section at the bottom of the page.
  • Each page also has a "Talk page" for Wiki discussion or suggestion, it is located beside the Edit Button.
  • The "best" place for an active community is the OreGairu/SNAFU REDDIT page. It has active users and daily content including fanart, shitposts, and discussions.
  • MAL has forums dedicated to the Light Novel/Manga and Anime adaptation of OreGairu.

Using the Wiki

The local sitemap contains all pages/articles available for viewing. Most of which are editable.

The Special:SpecialPages contain more "behind the scenes" pages for those looking to contribute in a larger way.

If you do wish to contribute feel free to, but remember the information must be factual and accurate. Please keep personal opinions and speculative information out of the articles. There are forums and other places where discussion is encouraged. Please note this is the ENGLISH wiki, feel free to start one in another language based off our pages. See here for some information on creating language links.

If you have a question try contacting one of the site's admins.

Otherwise have fun reading!

New to wikis?

Fandom has many resources available for new contributors.

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