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This episode is the adaptation of Volume 10.5. It takes place midway through Season 2 Episode 12.

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Iroha Isshiki takes Hachiman to aid her in coming up with date ideas for her and Hayato. Isshiki has fun on their outing and decides to provide a newsletter for students. She asks the Service Club to research date spots for the newsletter. The Service Club scouts out several locations and takes photos, which pleases Isshiki.

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Iroha Isshiki asks Hachiman to aid her in coming up with date ideas for her and Hayato. Hachiman meets Isshiki at Chiba station and suggests they "kill time" at the movies. When Hachiman wants to see a different movie than Isshiki, she decides they should play ping-pong instead. Isshiki slyly wagers a free meal if she can win their game of ping pong. Despite using many tricks and distractions Hachiman wins. Isshiki refuses to pay for his meal stating that it wasn't part of the bet.

For dinner Hachiman suggests ramen because he likes it. Isshiki is hesitant but agrees. She concedes that as frustrating as it is, the food was good. Afterwards Isshiki suggests getting something sweet and takes Hachiman to a desserts cafe called Lix's cafe. While there they get their picture taken by the waiter.

The next day at school Isshiki wants the Service Club to help her create a free student newsletter about hotspots around town. She shows Yui and Yukino some photos she took during her "date" with Hachiman.

On Hachiman's next free day he accompanies Yui and Yukino to look around Chiba for places students would enjoy. They stop by girls clothing stores, a pet store, the movie theatre, ping-pong, then dinner.

The next day Isshiki is looking through the photos the Service Club brought back and is surprised to see a photo of them at Lix's cafe just like the one she and Hachiman took. Isshiki says all the photos are great and its a good start. She then wants a picture of the Service Club. Hachiman expresses his enjoyment of the photo.

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