Don’t put me together with the likes of you…

—Minami Sagami to Hachiman HIkigaya, My Teen Romantic Comedy, SNAFU! Episode 12

Minami Sagami is a student of Class 2-F and is a classmate of Hachiman Hikigaya and Yui Yuigahama. She is the leader of the 2nd most popular group in their class.


Minami is a teenage girl with unknown height and weight. She has gray eyes, short brownish hair that reaches down the nape of her neck and thin eyebrows. She is mostly seen wearing the standard Sobu High uniform. She is seen wearing pink earrings and purple nail polish on her fingernails at the summer fireworks festival.

Personality Edit

On the surface, Minami appears as an innocent, clever, and unassuming girl, but she only puts up this facade for attention. Being the leader of the second most influential clique in her classroom, Minami is proud, has a large ego, and is rather pompous. It was revealed that she relies on her group to improve her own popularity and nothing more.

Underneath these characteristics, Minami lacks confidence in her own abilities, letting others dote on her except for Hachiman, and others who are able to see Minami for who she truly is. According to Hachiman, Minami has too much arrogance and pride to admit her mistakes or confess when she is wrong, and will instead badmouth and blame others for her problems to cover up her uselessness. She is emotionally weak, and can be easily reduced to tears with words alone. She is also easily manipulated by others such as Haruno or Hayama, people she looks up to.

The cultural festival was a traumatic incident for Minami due to Hachiman's harsh criticism and her realization of her own shortcomings. She feels inferior to Yukino and tries to hide from her problems.

After the athletic festival there are hints that she has had a change in personality, but she is rarely mentioned after this point in the story.

Abilities Edit

Minami is the type of person that aims to stand out and shine brighter than the rest, but has no distinguished skills to show off. She tends to rely on others to make her look good. because of this, her inter-personal skills, self-appeal, and social skills are strong.

She has almost zero leadership capability, which is proven at the Culture Festival committee. In the Light Novel she regains others respect for her efforts on the Athletic Festival committee.

Addressed / Nick namesEdit

  • Sagamin by Yui Yuighama


  • “Don’t put me together with the likes of you…”-Minami Sagami to Hikigaya Hachiman


  • Minami's facade is seen through by Hachiman, Hayato, Yukino and Haruno.
  • Because of his actions against Minami, Hachiman's reputation changed as he became known as the student who hurt the feelings of a girl.
  • In vol 13 she has a younger brother , their relationship is not good


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