Meguri Shiromeguri is an upperclassman of the Service Club and the former Student Council president of Sobu High School. She is in her 3rd and final year of high school. As of Volume 14 she is a graduate of Sobu High School.


Meguri is good-looking girl with curly shoulder-length brown hair that is worn in twin braids, her fringe is cut short and parted to the left side of her face that is donned with three pink hair clips, two on the right, one on the left and grayish eyes.

She is usually seen wearing the school uniform.


Episode 10-2

Meguri is a cheerful, out-going, optimistic and team-spirited girl who always tries her best and acts positive. Although she is great with people and pretty smart, she exudes an airheaded but comfortable aura which attracts almost all of the student body support. She listens to everyone's opinions. She gets along with every one without any discomfort or conflicts.


Although Meguri is not an exceptional leader, her personality has brought her immense support from her subordinates. She is an excellent coordinator.

YZEP01 - 09

Meguri playing the piano in the reanimated scenes in Season 2.

She is able to play the piano as seen in episode 12. She was in Haruno Yukinoshita's volunteer band during her first year. It was mentioned she also practiced with Haruno.


  • "Hey hey hooo!!"
  • (To Hachiman Hikigaya): "To be honest, I had expectations. Yukinoshita-san would become the president and then, to add to that, Yuigahama-san would be the vice president. Then Hikigaya-kun would be the general affairs."


  • Meguri's surname Shiromeguri means "castle" (城) (shiro) and "to patrol, tour" (巡) (meguri).



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