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File:EP9 Calendar 1.pngFile:EP9 Calendar 2.pngFile:EP9 Chiba Port Tower.png
File:EP9 Chibaminato Station.pngFile:EP9 Cotton Candy.pngFile:EP9 End Card.png
File:EP9 Fireworks.pngFile:EP9 Fireworks Finale.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman 1.png
File:EP9 Hachiman 2.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman Kamakura Sable.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman Komachi.png
File:EP9 Hachiman Komachi Yui 1.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman Komachi Yui 2.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman Sable.png
File:EP9 Hachiman Surprised.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman Yukino 1.pngFile:EP9 Hachiman Yukino 2.png
File:EP9 Hachiman Yukino 3.pngFile:EP9 Haruno 1.pngFile:EP9 Haruno 2.png
File:EP9 Haruno Hachiman 1.pngFile:EP9 Haruno Hachiman 2.pngFile:EP9 Haruno Hachiman Yui 1.png
File:EP9 Haruno Hachiman Yui 2.pngFile:EP9 Haruno Hachiman Yui 3.pngFile:EP9 Haruno Hachiman Yui 4.png
File:EP9 Hikigaya Bear Totem.pngFile:EP9 Inagekaigan Station 1.pngFile:EP9 Inagekaigan Station 2.png
File:EP9 Kamakura.pngFile:EP9 Komachi Hachiman Sable.pngFile:EP9 Komachi List.png
File:EP9 Minami 1.pngFile:EP9 Minami 2.pngFile:EP9 Minami 3.png
File:EP9 Minami 4.pngFile:EP9 Prizes 1.pngFile:EP9 Prizes 2.png
File:EP9 Sable Carrier.pngFile:EP9 Sobu Lockers.pngFile:EP9 VIP Area.png
File:EP9 Yamato Ooka Kakeru.pngFile:EP9 Yui 1.pngFile:EP9 Yui Determined.png
File:EP9 Yui Hachiman 1.pngFile:EP9 Yui Hachiman 10.pngFile:EP9 Yui Hachiman 11.png
File:EP9 Yui Hachiman 2.pngFile:EP9 Yui Hachiman 3.pngFile:EP9 Yui Hachiman 4.png
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File:EP9 Yui Hachiman Fireworks 2.pngFile:EP9 Yui Happy.pngFile:EP9 Yui Shy.png
File:EP9 Yui Yukata.pngFile:EP9 Yukino 1.pngFile:EP9 Yukino 2.png
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File:My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Official Dub TrailerFile:My Teen Romantic SNAFU - Official TrailerFile:My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected. Mini Soundtrack -Matsuri Out Tracks- Disc.jpg
File:My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected. Original Soundtrack Credits.jpgFile:My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected. Original Soundtrack Disc.pngFile:My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected. Original Soundtrack Front.png
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File:OVA1 Hachiman 1.pngFile:OVA1 Hachiman Article.pngFile:OVA1 Hachiman Impressed.png
File:OVA1 Hachiman Stunned.pngFile:OVA1 Hachiman Working 1.pngFile:OVA1 Hachiman Working 2.png
File:OVA1 Komachi 1.pngFile:OVA1 Komachi Breakfast 1.pngFile:OVA1 Komachi Dress.png
File:OVA1 Komachi Hachiman Breakfast 1.pngFile:OVA1 Komachi Hachiman Breakfast 2.pngFile:OVA1 Komachi Help 1.png
File:OVA1 Komachi Help 2.pngFile:OVA1 Komachi Judged 1.pngFile:OVA1 Komachi Judged 2.png
File:OVA1 Saika Judging.pngFile:OVA1 Service Club 1.pngFile:OVA1 Service Club 2.png
File:OVA1 Shizuka 1.pngFile:OVA1 Shizuka 2.pngFile:OVA1 Shizuka Dress.png
File:OVA1 Shizuka Food 1.pngFile:OVA1 Shizuka Food 2.pngFile:OVA1 Shizuka Intimidate.png
File:OVA1 Shizuka Judged.pngFile:OVA1 Shizuka Yui 1.pngFile:OVA1 Shizuka Yukino 1.png
File:OVA1 Sobu School.pngFile:OVA1 Surveys.pngFile:OVA1 Wife Quiz 1.png
File:OVA1 Wife Quiz 2.pngFile:OVA1 Wife Quiz 3.pngFile:OVA1 Yui 1.png
File:OVA1 Yui 2.pngFile:OVA1 Yui Dress.pngFile:OVA1 Yui Food.png
File:OVA1 Yui Judged 1.pngFile:OVA1 Yui Judged 2.pngFile:OVA1 Yui Magazine 1.png
File:OVA1 Yui Yukino.pngFile:OVA1 Yui Yukino Dress.pngFile:OVA1 Yukino 1.png
File:OVA1 Yukino Annoyed.pngFile:OVA1 Yukino Dress 1.pngFile:OVA1 Yukino Dress 2.png
File:OVA1 Yukino Food.pngFile:OVA1 Yukino Judged.pngFile:OVA1 Yukino Possessions.png
File:OVA2 Bra.pngFile:OVA2 Card.pngFile:OVA2 Cat.png
File:OVA2 Chiba Station 1.pngFile:OVA2 Chiba Station 2.pngFile:OVA2 Chiba Station 3.png
File:OVA2 Hachiman 1.pngFile:OVA2 Hachiman 2.pngFile:OVA2 Hachiman Nervous.png
File:OVA2 Iroha 1.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha 2.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Eyecatch.png
File:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 1.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 2.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 3.png
File:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 4.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 5.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 6.png
File:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 7.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman 8.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman Photo.png
File:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman Pingpong 1.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman Pingpong 2.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman Pingpong 3.png
File:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman Pingpong 4.pngFile:OVA2 Iroha Hachiman Pingpong 5.png
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