Kakeru Tobe is a student of class 2-F and a Soccer Club member. He is the first person to address Hachiman Hikigaya wrongly as "Hikitani", who does not correct him, which results in some of his clique members to use that nickname.


Tobe is a good-looking teenage boy with dyed-brown long hair with a black hairband, grey eyes and is usually seen in school uniform. He wears a sweater underneath his school jacket during the winter.


Tobe is a happy and excitable person who cares for his friends and generally helpful to others. He is enthusiastic for all things he does and likes to improve. As mentioned by himself, he tries to be popular. He admits to being envious of others more skilled than he is and often praises Hayato Hayama.

According to Hayato, Tobe bleached hair might make him look like a bad guy, but he's the best at getting everyone energized. He always gets involved at the school festival and the sports festival. Because of that, Hayato believes he is a nice person though in Yukino's opinion, he is an easily excited person whose only talent is making noise.


Tobe excitedly cutting logs at Chiba Village summer camp.

According to Yukino, he is noisy and annoying though to Yui, he is more or less just talkative. However, Hachiman corrects her that he likes to talk about himself. Which is apparently true for most cases. During the Chiba Village summer camp arc, he initiated the conversation of their crushes just to express his liking of Hina. He also loudly stated his desire for valentine chocolate.

He is also fond of children. At Chiba Village summer camp, he enjoyed helping the elementary school children cooking curry. Furthermore, he despised threatening Rumi's classmates for Hachiman's plan.


Tobe is a member of the soccer team which indicates a decent level of athleticism and skill.

He can act somewhat, and is good at being the bad guy. During Rumi Tsurumi's arc he was able to intimidate young schoolgirls by harassing them. He put up a very convincing act with a frighteningly demented expression on his face, successfully frightening all of them minus Rumi, who remained calm throughout the ordeal. However, he hated doing it and remembered Hachiman as a seriously terrible person for suggesting such method.

During the Culture Festival, he played the drums for the volunteer band.

 Addressed / Nick names


  • “Ah, sorry, my bad! U-Umm… Hi? Hikitani-kun? Hikitani-kun, could you get that ball?” - Tobe to Hachiman
  • “Ah, ya see? Hikitani-kun’s seriously terrible, man! Somethin’ happened like that durin’ summer too!” - Tobe sharing his opinion on Hachiman to the others.


  • Tobe shares the same birthday as his voice actor, Chado Horii.
  • It was revealed that Tobe has feelings for Hina Ebina which was revealed at the Chiba Village Summer Camp.
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