As Yumiko stated to Hachiman during the Kyoto field trip, Hina never spoke about her past and everyone was sure that she hates to talk about it. Later when Hina thanked Hachiman on the rooftop, she mentions that the current relationship is something she never had and is happy with it, hinting of strained and unpleasant relationships of her past.


Hina was shown to be a fujoshi when first introduced.

In Chiba Village summer camp arc, she is shown to be more perceptive about the relationship and characteristic of girls, than Yui and Miura, as she said that girls are scarier than what Hayama thinks.

She became the director, producer, and writer of the musical play that class 2-F presented for the Culture Festival.

During the Kyoto field trip event, her clique was behaving in an unusual manner. Realizing what it meant, she petitioned the service club for help and indirectly asked Hachiman for his aid to prevent Tobe from confessing to her.

Hachiman later realizes the true meaning of her request and helps her by falsely confessing to her just before Tobe can. Ebina declines by saying she's not ready to date anyone at the moment. Hachiman's act fulfilled both Hina's request of stopping Tobe's confession and Tobe's request of not being rejected.

YZ EP09 28

Her clique and service club in Destiney land

In Episode 9 of season 2, she was shown to enjoy her time with her friends in their trip to Destinyland. While there, she said that the awkwardness of her clique is gone thanks to Hachiman. She also expressed her concern over the stress it caused to Hachiman's group (Service Club).

She also assisted Tobe with distracting Yumiko in order to provide space for Iroha's confession to Hayato.

She was mentioned to choose Liberal Arts for her career path in third year. Ebina accompanied Yumiko to the Service club whenever she had a request.

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