Haruno Yukinoshita (雪ノ下 陽乃 Yukinoshita Haruno?) is the older sister of Yukino Yukinoshita.


Haruno is a beautiful young woman with shoulder-length jet black hair that has purple tips at the end of her hair and angular blue or purple eyes. She and Yukino bear the same resemblance, but there are a few differences:

- While Yukino is flat-chested, Haruno has a more well-endowed figure which causes females to become envy.

- While Yukino has waist length hair, Haruno has shoulder length with purple tips at the end of her hair.

Haruno often wears triangular earrings. She is also known to wear a knitted cardigan and white blouse along with a long skirt on casual occasions. On other occasions. she wears a red coat along with a scarf.

Due to her elegance and beauty, Hachiman Hikigaya states that she can be easily pointed out among the rough Chiba crowd.

During the fireworks festival, she wears a dark blue yukata emblazoned with giant lilies and autumn grass.


Haruno is mentioned to be more outstanding than Yukino. Unlike Yukino, Haruno presents a warm attitude towards others, even if she has to lie about her true feelings most of the time to keep up her persona.

According to Hayato Hayama, she’ll meddle so much with what she likes to the point of killing it. For the things she hates, she’d go the extra mile to crush them. She aimlessly travels during her days-off. She can see through other people's facades like Hachiman, which is demonstrated by her ability to see through Minami Sagami and misleading her in order to teach her a lesson.

She is known to have a sinister side to her evident by the fact that she talks with a voice which is described by Hachiman as cold, piercing and emotionless. She is also known to question the genuineness of various things in life.

She genuinely cares for her younger sister Yukino and respects her mother. However, Haruno often meddles in Yukino's affairs out of love and concern or just for her own pleasure. This was seen as she tries to set up her sister and Hachiman who she tries to get to call her big sis.

Hachiman noticed that, for a college student she seems to have too much time and also money on her hands. Haruno brushes it off as her just being "exceptional".


EP12 Haruno Conductor 3

Haruno musical performance in cultural festival

According to Yukino Yukinoshita and Shizuka Hiratsuka, Haruno at best in everything she does. She is skillful in martial arts, sports and academics. She was the cultural committee chairperson in her high school days, indicating her leadership quality. She can play drums and other instruments very well. She was part of the volunteer band in high school and she was a member of the orchestra club in her third year.

In Episode 12, it is shown that Haruno is a music conductor. She often stands out due to her excellence in every field. In the light novels her skills are listed as general cooking, laundry, house work, aikido, and horse riding. She also reads a lot of literature.

Age Discrepancy Edit

Volume 5 Chapter 5 mentions they are in the second half of august, past August 8th. The Second year of high school is the age 16-17 year. Hachiman has just turned 17. Haruno, in second year university, would be 19-20 if she were 3 years ahead. Since her birthday is July 7,[3] before Hachiman's birthday, she would have already turned 20. But in Volume 5 she says she is still 19 and has a late birthday.[4]

In Volume 12, Haruno is seen drinking a considerable amount of alcohol. The Japanese legal drinking age is 20, indicating Haruno is actually 20.

Addressed / Nick namesEdit


  • “Teehee, you’re playing coy. Big sis won’t forgive you if you make Yukino-chan cry.” Haruno to Hachiman
  • “You don't need to do anything, do you? Someone else will always do it for you.” Haruno to Yukino
  • “People who can do everything flawlessly just aren’t interesting at all, right?” Haruno referring to Hayato


  • According to Hayato Hayama, Haruno is always meddlesome with the people she likes the most as seen with Hachiman Hikigaya which mean that she finds him intriguing.
    • As noted by Hachiman himself, Haruno is similar to his own sister Komachi Hikigaya in that regard as they both try to set him and Yukino up on dates.
    • Also, both sisters in one way (unintentionally) were responsible for Hachiman distancing from Yui Yuigahama (Komachi) and Yukino (Haruno) because of the car accident he had.
  • By the end of Volume 10 in light novel, it is revealed that Haruno has Hachiman's number which she got it from Hayato Hayama without the knowledge of Hachiman.


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