Episode 4 is adapted from chapters 1-3 of Volume 2.


On their way to school, Hachiman Hikigaya and his sister, Komachi Hikigaya talk about the car accident Hachiman had been involved in on what was supposed to be his first day of high school.

At school, Hachiman is reprimanded by Shizuka Hiratsuka for his "Workplace Visit Survey", where he tries to justify becoming a "house-husband".

At the Service Club after school, Yui Yuigahama receives a mysterious chain text implicating class 2-F's Kakeru Tobe, Ōoka, and Yamato as delinquents. Soon after, Hayato Hayama enters the club room with a request that the Service Club help him stop the text from circulating, which they accept.

They realize that the texts are connected to the upcoming three-person-per-group Workplace Visit and since Hayato's clique has four people, one of them is spreading the rumors to get someone knocked out of the group. Yukino Yukinoshita has Yui and Hachiman gather information on the three suspects. Yui fails to gather any information due to her inability to remain subtle.

Hachiman decides to spectate Hayato's clique, noticing that when Hayato is around, they are all lively. When Hayato approaches Hachiman and asks of his progress, Hachiman observes that the clique is now quiet and awkwardly checking their phones now that Hayato is no longer with them. Realizing the situation, Hachiman explains to everyone at the Service Club that he doesn't know who the culprit is, but explains how their behavior when Hayato isn't around suggests they are only acquaintances to each other. Hachiman solves the case by suggesting Hayato have his three friends group up so they have a chance to get to know each other better.

Later, Hayato thanks Hachiman and informs him that the messages seem to have stopped and hopes that his 3 friends will get to know each other better. Hayato then groups with Hachiman along with Saika Totsuka for the Workplace Visit.

Major events

  • Komachi Hikigaya is introduced
  • Hachiman's accident is explained
  • Yui mentions she likes someone
  • Hayato's chain mail request is solved
  • Hachiman is picked for a group

Character Appearances

New Characters



  • Hiratsuka Shizuka punches Hikigaya Hachiman in the stomach and mentions a "Second Bullet...". Hachiman says he doesn't want her "Last Bullet". This is a reference to the "Scryed" anime.
  • During Hikigaya's hospital flashback, he is reading a manga called Touki no Omote (or Porcelain Mask). It is a parody of a long-running manga called Glass Mask. The cover is a spoof of the first volume of Glass Mask.
  • In the light novel Hachiman says he broke his "golden left foot", while in this episode his right foot is seen bandaged.
  • Yui is the 9th person added to Hachiman's contacts in his phone.
  • While explaining "The Zone", Hayama is seen striking a pose which is the same pose that the character Giorno Giovanna, from the fifth part of Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken, is seen in most promotional media. It consists of the right hand tugging at the shirt while the left hand is placed on the thighs


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