Episode 2 is adapted from chapters 4-5 of Volume 1


While in class, Hachiman Hikigaya thinks about the pros and cons of forming social groups by comparing the act to the animal kingdom and wishes he was a solitary bear while subsequently drawing one on his biology assignment. While being reprimanded by Shizuka Hiratsuka, she asks Hachiman about the Service Club's progress and states that she simply wanted to separate both Hachiman and Yukino Yukinoshita from everyone else because of their unorthodox views on society.

At lunch, Hachiman observes Yui Yuigahama's continually failed attempts to break away from her social group, led by the popular Yumiko Miura, in order to have lunch with Yukino. Yui, soon finds herself in a tight spot when she can't explain why she has to leave to Yumiko. Just then Yukino shows up and demands to know why Yui is late, but understands once Yumiko aggressively engages her. Yukino and Yumiko confront each other until Hayato Hayama interferes. Realizing the tense atmosphere, everyone but Yui and Yumiko exit the class, allowing them to resolve their differences. While outside the class, Yukino and Hachiman listen to Yui telling Yumiko her true feelings about how she wants to be treated.

After school, the "delusional" Yoshiteru Zaimokuza shows up to the club with a request that they help him review a light novel he wrote, which they accept. That evening, while walking home, Hachiman has a flashback involving a dog and a car while crossing the street. The following day, without hesitation, Yukino harshly critiques Yoshiteru's work, making him feel put down, but also glad that he was able to get honest opinions from people for something he wrote and promises to have them review his next work.

Major events

  • Shizuka reveals information on why the Service Club started.
  • Hayato's clique is introduced.
  • Yui starts eating lunches with Yukino.
  • Yoshiteru is introduced.
  • Hachiman is getting along with other people.
  • Hachiman's Accident is briefly mentioned.

Character Appearances

New Characters



  • Zaimokuza Yoshiteru is constantly babbling altered phrases from the anime "Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar" like: "Dimension Driver/Dividing Driver" and "Gungnir Hammer/Goldion Hammer". Coincidentally, Zaimokuza Yoshiteru's voice actor Nobuyuki Hiyama is also the voice actor for "Shishio Gai" the main protagonist of the anime "Yuusha Ou Gaogaigar".


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