Episode 12 adapts chapters 8-10 from Volume 6.


Sobu High School's Cultural Festival continues and Hachiman Hikigaya is stuck carrying out his duty as a committee member by documenting the day's events on camera. Komachi Hikigaya shows up and is surprised to find her brother actually working.

As the festival enters its last stages, Haruno Yukinoshita entertains the audience with a full orchestra performance.

As the closing ceremony approaches, Meguri Shiromeguri reports that Minami Sagami is missing. Since she is needed to deliver the closing speech, the group decides to stall for time while Hachiman searches the school campus for her.

Hachiman eventually finds Minami atop the laboratory roof and realizes she is sulking because Yukino Yukinoshita stole the spotlight away from her and is upset despite asking for her help. Hayato Hayama and Minami's clique show up to get her, although she refuses to budge. Seeing no other alternative, Hachiman manipulates Minami using her true motives to guilt her into returning to the ceremony.

Hayato is enraged at Hachiman because the only way he does things is by victimizing himself or being mean.

Yui Yuigahama, Yukino, Haruno, Meguri, and Shizuka Hiratsuka give their extra musical performance and manage to buy enough time for Minami to return and give the closing speech.

Everyone shows mixed reactions on Hachiman's course of action. Shizuka compliments him for always finding ways to rescue people from their problems, but laments that he always sacrifices himself to do so.

That evening, in the Service Club room, Hachiman and Yukino discuss their first meeting and how far they've come to know each other, with Yukino hinting that they've become friends. Yui eventually shows up to invite them to an after party hosted by Hayato to celebrate the festival's success.

Hachiman ends by pondering that you can't redo things in life and some moments are lost forever, even pointless moments like hanging out in the Service Club. He surmises he might even miss these moments when they are gone.

Major events

  • Minami's request is completed.
  • The Cultural Festival finishes on time.
  • Yukino hints she and Hachiman are friends.

Character Appearances


  • Sobu High School


  • In one scene, Hachiman's eyes change from their "rotten fish eyes" to a different styled eyes for a moment. This could be a reference to how his eyes might have looked like before his eventual change in ideals.


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