Episode 1 is adapted from chapters 1-3 of Volume 1.

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The main character, Hachiman Hikigaya is introduced. He is a loner and a cynic with distorted views on high school life. He hands in an offensive essay exhibiting his rotten ideals. As punishment he is forced by his language teacher/guidance counselor, Shizuka Hiratsuka, to join Sobu High School's Service Club. She believes it will help sort out his rotten nature. Reluctantly joining, Hachiman immediately meets and clashes ideals with the club's only other member, Yukino Yukinoshita. Unable to reach common ground, Shizuka proposes they contest their ideals by helping people sent to the club, with the winner being able to order the loser around.

The following day, Hachiman returns to the club room to discover that like himself, Yukino is also a loner with no friends. Hachiman gets a glimpse into her past and starts to believe that they may be somewhat similar. He then asks to be her friend but is rejected before he even finishes the question.

Shortly after, Yui Yuigahama enters the club with a request that they help her bake cookies for a "certain person". Yukino tries and fails to get Yui to bake cookies correctly. Yui wants to give up, but Yukino and Hachiman stop her from doing so. Hachiman then utilizes reverse psychology to fulfill Yui's request. He helps her realize people simply appreciate being thought of, and the quality of her baking/gift isn't such a big deal.

The following week Yui shows up at the clubroom and gives both Hachiman and Yukino baked cookies as thanks for their help. Yui also decides that she can help out with the club and offers to eat lunches with Yukino.

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  • The main characters Hachiman, Yukino, and Yui are introduced.
  • Hachiman joins the Service Club.
  • Hachiman offers to be Yukino's friend but is rejected.
  • Yui befriends Yukino and Hachiman after her request.

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