Destinyland or Fantasy Destiny Land Dreams in the anime, is a theme park seen in Volume 9 as well as Season 2 Episode 9 and at the beginning of Season 2 Episode 10. It is referred as Destinyland and Tokyo Disneyland in the light novels.

It is mentioned to be located very near the Maihama metro station. Which is located beside real world Tokyo Disneyland.


Volume 9


Shizuka's tickets she gives to the Service Club.

While helping Iroha and the Sobu student council the Service Club runs out of ideas for the Christmas event. Shizuka Hiratsuka offers the Service Club and Iroha 4 tickets for Destinyland. She encourages them to partake in the Christmas events going on at the park and that maybe it will help them figure out what to do.

Yukino has a season pass so they can invite 1 more person. Iroha invites Hayato and by extension, his clique.

At the park Hachiman has a private conversation with Ebina who thanks him for his help and says she's sorry it made things awkward in the club.[1]

The Service Club experiences what a Christmas event should be like, as well as enjoy their time at the park.

Yukino gets closer to Hachiman after spending time alone on rides with him.

Iroha makes her big move on Hayato and confesses to him, but is rejected.


  • Pan the Panda's Bamboo Fight
  • Space Universe Mountain
  • Pan Corner gift shop
  • Destiny Parade
  • "Splash Mountain"
  • Fireworks Show



  • Destinyland is based off Tokyo Disneyland.
  • Pan the Panda and Marie the Aristocat are loosely based on Disney characters Winnie The Pooh and the kitten Marie from the Aristocats movie.
  • Fantasyland and Dreamland are specific areas in Tokyo Disney.


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