Chika Nakamachi is the classmate and friend of Kaori Orimoto. She is a minor character in the series. Only appearing in two episodes of the anime and two chapters in the Light novel of Volume 8


She is seen wearing the uniform of Kaihin Sougou High School that is composed of a white dress shirt, a light blue sweater with two dark blue lines at the top, and a red tie under a navy blue blazer.


Nothing about her is mentioned either in Light novel or anime

Chika seems to be composed and tries to hold her image. But during the double date, when Kaori was poking fun at Hachiman's behavior, she held her laughter with her hand. She started belittling Hachiman along with Kaori at the end of the date, even though she never met or personally knew him. This later stops when Hayato reprimands them for their actions.



Double date

As mentioned by Kaori, Chika seems to be interested in Hayato Hayama .This can be seen in the anime as she is both nervous and excited to meet Hayato.

Almost throughout the date she tried her hand in getting the attention of Hayama like praising him for his calm behavior in an explosion scene of the movies. She along with Kaori tried a fashion show for Hayama in a dress store. Later she along with Kaori tried purchasing snow gear for Hayama.

YZEP04 - 16

Fasion show for Hayama

Later When Hayama questions what they would like to eat, Chika responded anything would be fine for her. But When Hachiman suggested Saize, Chika gave an apathetic and disgusted look in her eyes.

YZEP04 - 37
Hayama then negotiated a nearby cafe for taking something light. In the cafe both of them praised for Hayama's choice and later belittled Hachiman's dinner choice. Even Hachiman was taken back by Chika's behavior as she had no knowledge of him to belittle.Hayama expressed his dislike of the girls behavior, not sure what he meant Chika tried agreeing with him to brush it off but Hayama showed his cold side by stating that Hachiman is far better than what they make of him and he gets along fine with girls who were lovelier than they could even imagine.

She walks away along with Kaori. Even though she isn't seen again, Hachiman suspects there might be a strain in the relationship between Kaori and Chika due to this incident but didn't want to confirm it.


Kaori Orimoto

YZEP03 - 42
Chika and Kaori are seems to be close friends and are on good terms. They address each other by their first name.They even went on a double date to spend time with Hayama. But the aftermath of the double date and it's impact on their relationship is still questionable.

Hayato Hayama

YZEP04 - 14
Chika seems to be interested in Hayama Hayato. She tries to appeal to him at every moment possible. She is one of the few girls to see Hayama's cold side after she join Kaori belittling Hachiman. Although Hayato isn't amused, much less approves, of their attitude, he chooses to remain silent until he sternly reproaches their unpleasant attitude at a cafe.


  • She is the second girl from Kaihin Sogo High introduced to the audience
  • She is the shortest appeared character in the series with no possible future recurrence