ReadTheAirMan ReadTheAirMan 16 November 2020

Current Favourite Anime

My time is precious...I started watching everything this season but somehow ended up following these...

Wandering witch

Talentless Nana

The day I became a God

Yashahime - princess half demon.

Akudama Drive

Kuma Kuma Kuma bear


Dropout idol.

Currently Re-watching :

How to raise a boring girlfriend.


Translating (Slowly):

Dr Stone

MewTwo evolution

Oregairu volume 12, 13.

And here's some fan art....

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ReadTheAirMan ReadTheAirMan 3 August 2020

Hayato's hidden side.

In the Light Novel, during the cultural festival when Yukino is absent and unwell, Ms Hiratsuka, Hachiman and Hayata are discussing going to check up on her. Of course, Hachiman ends up going. But the interesting thing is that Ms Hiratsuka said she cant give the addresses of students to other students. Yet Hayato was still able to offer to visit, meaning that he knew her address where she was living alone. Hayato excused himself as having work to do, but it may have been a test to find out some information about Hachimans relationship with Yukino, in that he was also able to make a visit without asking her address. 

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Zuleika B Zuleika B 30 April 2020

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU News

  • 1 When will My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU season 3 be released?
  • 2 When will My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU season 3 episode 1 air?
  • 3 Will there be a season 3?
  • 4 What part of the manga will season 3 cover?
  • 5 Where to watch season 3?
  • 6 Where to watch season 1/season 2?

The first two seasons of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU has been well received both in and outside Japan. Fans couldn't wait how the previous season's nail-biting cliffhanger would play out in season three. And unfortunately, they will have to wait a bit longer. The romantic comedy is one of many anime shows to be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The official Twitter account and website for the series revealed on April 7, 2020, that the third season is postponed until further notice.


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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 17 September 2019

Sentai Filmworks has released an English Dub trailer for Season 1!

Sentai Filmworks have recently announced the English Dub of the 2013 Rom-Com, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU!

It is expected to be released on November 2019.

It is originally announced last April thru twitter that Sentai had the rights to dub SNAFU as well as releasing the Blu-ray copies. And later, on July 5th, TBS, the Japanese network for broadcasting the said anime, also added that Sentai will also dub not just Season 1, but continues that they will also release and dub Season 2 as well.

And as of this writing, September 18(GMT +8), in Sentai Filmworks official YouTube Channel, has released a trailer for the English Dub for Season 1.

Below are the cast and staff for the following seasons, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks:

  • 1 Season 1
  • 2 Season 2
    • 2.1 Yo…

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Tykard Tykard 26 April 2019

So the Fanfiction now...

I've seen people say that it has dropped in quality since the second season. Personally I've haven't found much interest in the newer stories since many of them go for the Yukino Route and since it looks likely to be the Novel's official end. Yukino doesn't really catch my eyes as I'm more interested in the other options. I do would like to see more fics with Hachiman ending with Meguri.

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 16 April 2019

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Audiobook release

It was announced on April 12, 2019 that has been released in a Japanese audiobook format. There are two narrators for the series so far, both have done various voice acting in the past. Kazutaka Ishii (@katazukai) and Megumi Toda (@todamegumi). Kazuki will do all of the male voices excluding totsuka. Toda will narrate Totsuka in addition to all the female voices.

It is available to pruchase on JP Amazon or through Amazon's audio streaming platform Audible.

Here is the audio sample provided by Audible The full audiobook has a run time of 7 hours 9 minutes.

  • Announcement tweet
  • Amazon listing
  • Audible announcement page

--Dyson14444 (talk) 23:26, April 16, 2019 (UTC)

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 2 April 2019

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU DUB Announced

There has been an update to this article User_blog:Dante-Must-Die-Mode/Sentai_Filmworks_has_released_an_English_Dub_trailer_for_Season_1!. --Dyson14444 (talk) 15:07, September 18, 2019 (UTC)

The My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected/Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru anime series My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is going to receive an English DUB

On April 2nd, 2019 the series' North American license owner Sentai Filmworks, confirmed on Twitter that the series will receive a dub.

There has been no confirmation on how many seasons will be dubbed, who the cast will be, or when production will be completed. There is also no information on how the content will be released. It is doubtful their competitor, FUNIMATION, who are kno…

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 28 March 2019

Novel Writer of OreGairu, Wataru Watari, announces new anime.

It has been announced on Wataru Watari's twitter last December and during Jump Fiesta 2015 about the new anime that is going to involve Wataru Watari, the author of OreGairu and two other RomCom authors, Koushi Tachibana (Date A Live Series), and Sou Sagara (The "Hentai" Prince and The Stony Cat Series). That anime is titled, "Qualidea Code", and this anime is going to premiere this year in an unknown exact date. This is going to be directed by Kenichi Kawamura, known for directing "Hajime no Ippo".

The cast members will be revealed in the near future, according to the official site. But for now, here's the glimpse of the upcoming anime:

So far, Wataru-san is still keeping his mouth shut, just like Hachiman, about the Season 3 speculations. …

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 28 March 2019

OreGairu.Zoku OVa will be released on October 27th

It was announced that both "Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Kome wa Machigatteiru. Zoku" game for PSVita and an added OVA to be released on Blu-ray will be release on October 27th.

It was supposed to be released on July, but it was pushed to October due to "various circumstances".

Anyways, without further ado, here's the recent teaser trailer for OreGairu.Zoku OVA that, according to the sources, will cover the Volume 10.5 of the Light Novel series.

Season 3 would have to wait in the near future as Wataru Watari, the author of the LN series, is currently working on the anime "Qualidea Code " as a scriptwriter. He's also going to be involved in another upcoming anime, "Gi(a)rlish Number ", which is set to be aired on October 7th, also as a scriptwri…

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 18 March 2019

OreGairu Season 3 Officially Announced!

Earlier this week a watermarked image was leaked teasing that a season 3 of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru/My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU was in production. The image was supposedly from SundayGX's "soon to be released" March 18, 2019 volume. However there was no official word from SundayGX, Gagaga Bunko, Watari, series artists, or the official anime channels. UNTIL NOW!

As previously indicated by the leak, on March 18, 2019 the official OreGairu anime website and twitter page released updates that season 3 is in production. There are currently no known air dates or when production will be finished. Some of you will be happy to note, the character used on the announcement is a very cheeky looking Iroha.

Furthermore they an…

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 20 October 2018

Community Policy Change/Creation

Hello Everyone, since the series is almost at its end with Volume 13 and Volume 14 releasing this year, there may be some extra traffic to this site. In hopes of encouraging productive contributions as well as planning ahead for a possible season 3 or movie, I will be posting some new community guidelines/policy over the next few days.

The policies will be about editing articles, references and citations in articles, uploading and naming files, commenting on articles, vandalism, as well as a refocused "Task List". You will find all of the in-depth changes at the Special:Community, OreGairu Wiki:Policy and OreGairu Wiki:About pages.

The wiki will always remain open to those who wish to contribute. Don't be afraid to edit in the meantime, mist…

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 16 October 2018

Possible URL change

There is an opportunity to change the Yahari wiki's namespace/URL to oregairu. would be left as a redirect to the new URL, nothing else would change.

The only purpose of this being Oregairu is a better name than Yahari.

This poll is also on the Main Page See Previous Polls

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 15 July 2018

My Admin Application

Im aplying over at FANDOM to be granted admin for this wiki. Since there are a few active editors their rules state i must start a public discussion for the community. I first posted/asked on Pokkiri's wall but they havent been here in about 3 months and have only edited a dozen times in the last 6.

If anyone has any objections or comments here would be the place to say so.

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NirvanaFrk97 NirvanaFrk97 21 October 2017

Time Span Throughout the Series

So I was wondering if anyone can halfhazard a guess in how long things lasted throughout the series. Obviously those who read the Light Novel can estimate better but I just wanted to know a few things.

When does the series begin?

As an ignorant American I am unsure how the academic year works in Japan, hell, I'm not even sure if Oregairu is using the actual one. The only thing I can figure is that significant time does pass as the first few requests are done and before Yuigahama's birthday (June 18). So the beginning may be during mid-April or late May, but I'm not completely sure.

When does the camp start and how long does it last?

So what we can gather from episode 9 of season 1 is that Summer Break is throughout the entirety of August. That…

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Dyson14444 Dyson14444 17 May 2017

Volume 12 Delayed & Other News

As most of you know by now Volume 12 of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru has been delayed, indefinitely. Fans initially thought it could be a very cruel April Fool's prank as the release date disappeared around April 1st, depending on your timezone. But on April 3rd, Gagaga Bunko tweeted that it had been officially postponed. Link. The tweet basically says sorry Volume 12 is delayed. And they will update everyone when the next release date is set.

No official reason has been revealed for the delay but rumours suggest the editors requested a deadline extension. Either they weren't happy with the final product, or Wataru Watari didn't have anything for his deadline. Which would be understandable as he is busy with Gi(a)rlish Num…

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 3 January 2017

VOLUME 12 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

Their latest issue of OreGairu Light Novel was released last June of 2015. And it was reported that the LN was sold well on Japan.

And after that, OreGairu was put on hiatus for a year and a half to make way for other opportunity for Wataru-san. Wataru-san was involved in 2016 action anime--Qualidea Code, followed by another slice-of-life anime--Gi(a)rlish Number. Which both were originally made by Wataru-san himself.

Since 2015, there's no reports when will Vol. 12 of OreGairu will be released as most of the fans (myself included) were curious what will happen next... Until now.

It was recently reported on a Chinese anime --that the long-awaited Volume 12 of OreGairu short novel is currently in the works.

But until now, t…

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 29 July 2016

OreGairu Season 3... Anyone?

2019 UPDATE: OREGAIRU SEASON 3 HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN ANNOUNCED Dyson14444 (talk) 00:18, March 19, 2019 (UTC)

"And Thus, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.TOO! leaves us with another cliffhanger with Yukino left an untold request" (Refering to Episode 13)

Yep, it leads to a confusing conclusion. What is Yukino's request, by the way? Is Yui likes Hachiman too? Are we smelling the Love Triangle between them for Hachiman? Who's going to win the love battle between Yui and Yukino? Also, Hachiman's little sister, Komachi, is now taking an entrance exam on Sobu High School, the school which the main series set.

What do you guys think? Should we need a Season 3? I mean, the 2nd Season, for those who were not yet fully informed right now, only runs on 13 epi…

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Pokkiri Pokkiri 29 April 2016

Official Pictures of UpComing OVA and PSV Games.

An OVA episode, titled Undoubtedly, Girls Are Made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice (きっと、女の子はお砂糖とスパイスと素敵な何かでできている Kitto, Onna no Ko wa Osatō to Spice to Suteki na Nanika de Dekiteiru) (きっと、女の子はお砂糖とスパイスと素敵な何かでできている Kitto, Onna no Ko wa Osatō to Spice to Suteki na Nanika de Dekiteiru), which is a follow up of the second season will be bundled with the limited edition of the second video game, which is scheduled for release on July 28, 2016. some of the screen shots are for the display of fans

It is same as the release of the previous game and OVA. Will we have another Season?

Screen Shots :

Games :

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 21 October 2015

OreGairu.Zoku has Won 3 Awards! (OreGairu 3 Confirmed?)

October 10th, OreGairu won three NewType awards at the MACHI☆ASOBI in Japan.

These Three Awards Including:

  • Male Character Award: Hachiman Hikigaya
  • Female Character Award: Yukino Yukinoshita
  • Voice Actor: Eguchi Takuya

Including some of the nominations like:

  • Screenplay Award (Psycho-Pass)
  • Character Design (IDOLM@STER -Cinderella Girls)
  • Opening Theme (F/SN UBW)
  • Best Director award (F/SN UBW)
  • Mascot Character: Pan-San (loss to Sonic from Kekkai Sensen)
  • Voice Actress: Saori Hayami (loss to Hanazawa Kana)
  • Anime Award (F/SN UBW)


Wait so if OreGairu.Zoku wins three awards... OreGairu 3 Confirmed?

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 6 September 2015

I Smell OVA at those DVD releases...

Remember when the Season 1 of OreGairu has an OVA only for the Blu-ray and PSVita who owns the OreGairu Video Game? I think we will going to see another OVA in the Blu-ray Version of Zoku...

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 12 August 2015

August 8, it's Hachiman's Birthday!

Damn it, I forgot, it's already 4 days late. But anyways, HAPPY B-DAY HACHIMAN!! I'm sorry that I forgot your B-day...

Hmm... I wonder what's his wish? Including his relationship of his service club members and his other collegues.

But anyways, Happy B-Day once again Hachiman! The Batman of RomCom!

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 16 July 2015

Which Episode of OreGairu 2 That Is "So Deep You See Adele Rolling"?

Sometimes, some of the scenes from OreGairu 2 makes you giggle, laugh or even cry.

But when it comes to quotes from other characters, OreGairu 2 could take you to the deepest part that only few has the courage and the smarts to understand it.

And this is why OreGairu has so many scenes that are very difficult to decode what they are saying for those who were just a normal person (AKA in the middle part of being a smart person).

So, which episode that is very, VERY Difficult to understand it?

Mine would be on the WHOLE Episode of Episode 8. Only few I understand from Shizuka, and GADDAMIT MY MIND JUST SPLATTERED INTO PIECES JUST TO DECODE THIS SCENE!!

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 9 July 2015

The Mothers Of OreGairu (Spoiler Alert... Obviously)

Well... I saw something from Hikigaya Hachiman FB Page and FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MILFs... IS THAT... HACHIMAN'S MOM ON GLASSES?!

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 19 June 2015

The Conclusion Of Season 2 and Speculations for Season 3...

June 25 is the last day of the Episode of Season 2's My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. And everything is about to get interesting as we go on now to the last chapter of the Season... The only question remains is, what will happen next to the next episode? Including what Haruno said to Yukino and Hachiman. Are we going to see a Love Triangle spark between Yukino and Yui to Hachiman? We will find out on the final episode of OreGairu 2 next week.

Speculations are still surrounding the internet about the Season 3. And the question remains is... Will it happen? The answer is still unknown to both feel.Studios or even the author, Wataru Watari himself.

But, in my theory, it will definitely has the higher chance to have a 3rd season, but the bad news, …

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Sulina Sulina 12 June 2015

Oregairu Zoku Two final Episodes (Ep.12 + Ep.13) Synopsis

Episode 12 – He still has yet to reach the answer he seeks and he continues to mistaken what’s genuine.Valentine’s Day. Miura and Kawasaki visit the Service Club; former wants to give a present to Hayama and the latter wants to make chocolate for her little sister. Yukino teaches them how to cook and they invite said recipients to sample their food. 

Episode 13 – Spring comes together under the piling snow and begins to bloom.Haruno appears in front of the Service Club and states that she’ll be temporarily staying at Yukino’s apartment for a while.

So, we can see episode 11 will cover all-the-rest-stuffs of Volume 10 of light novel series. Thus, ep.12 will adapted from vol.11.

What do you think, guys? It look like ep.12 will be a promo for vol.…

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 9 June 2015

Who wants to go to Chiba?

It's already a tradition in Japan to have a Skin like this when it comes to trains. But, man... I Want go to Chiba right this moment, I mean, Right now, just to see and to ride this majestic beauty... So for those who wanted to go to Japan and a big fan of OreGairu, go visit Chiba as there, it is the main setting of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU! So go check it out before it changes the skin. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride this thing!


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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 6 June 2015

Last Three Episodes...

Well, only three Thursdays Left (Japan Time) before the end of the season 2... What are your thoughts?

Oh yeah, about the on-going speculations on the internet, Season 3 is still not yet confirmed. But, we can assure you that we will get the news from them.

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Pokkiri Pokkiri 30 May 2015

Volume 10 in Season 2

Recent news of Volume 10 inclusion in season 2 is announced by feel but upto what chapter is in question? guess we have to wait

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MDSiapno001 MDSiapno001 9 May 2015

Yahari Light Novel Volume 11 Synopsis.

The answer that they continue to get wrong and never reach

The Service Club undertakes Isshiki Iroha’s request and helps with an event for Valentine’s Day. The event involves the usual members such as Miura, Ebina, Kawasaki and others, aggrandizing the scale even further. In the calm and warm atmosphere lies a slight sense of discomfort that becomes gradually harder to ignore and a feeling that can’t be played off even if you tried to convince yourself that you’re just confused at things you weren’t used to.

Even if you averted your eyes away from what’s genuine, perhaps this time could continue on forever…

Perhaps, it might be better not to notice anything…

A proposal: “Her consultation and her request.”

The snow quietly continues to pile and …

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 19 March 2015

Yahari Ore No Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru Zoku Is Coming on April 3rd...

After the release of the first season of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU or Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru Blu-Ray Box Edition last March 5, 2015. We are now looking forward on our next misadventures of Yukino Yukinoshita and Hachiman Hikigaya in the next season of OreGairu in April 5th. And it was confirmed that all of the characters from the previous season will make a comback with new characters and plot...

First Revealed on April 12, 2014 when a poster on the Shogakukan's Gagaga Bunko imprint announcing a production of OreGairu has been green-lit and it was also going to be announced on May issue of Shogakukan's Sunday GX magazine.


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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 16 May 2013

Big News for Yahari in 2013

Super cool news, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru fans! In fact, there are four pieces of news to share!

First, apparently the anime will adapt the content from Wataru Watari's original light novel series up until the sixth volume. This means that fans will get to see the cultural festival story plot! Even better is our 2nd piece of news: Yahari is getting a spinoff! A brand-new anime-only spinoff episode has been green-lit and it is set to air the week after Yahari's 12th episode.

In terms of video games, production on a separate new original video anime has also been green-lit! It will be bundled in the limited edition of the tentatively titled Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru PlayStation Vita game this summer.


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